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Texas Elementary School Shooter Posted Guns Photos And Tagged Instagram Influencer

The Texas elementary school shooter allegedly posted numerous disturbing photographs on social media while tagging a popular Instagram influencer to gain attention. The coward killed at least 14 children on Tuesday afternoon at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The local sheriff stated the deceased suspect was a local, not an illegal immigrant.

Earlier, the suspect shared photos of guns on Instagram and tagged an influencer. The woman tagged states she does not know the shooter.

Second Case Of Monkeypox In Broward

Mayor Michael Udine reports there is a second case of monkeypox in Broward. In a Twitter post, Udine wrote, “there is a second case being monitored. I continue to try and provide the info as I receive it. (My goal is transparency, nothing else). Again very isolated incidents, with extremely limited transmission. I will publicly update when I have further info.”

The Florida Department of Health reiterated the chance of transmission is very low.

Monkeypox Case Reported In Broward


The Florida Department of Health in Broward County is reporting a presumptive case of monkeypox in Broward. This appears to related to international travel. The person is isolated.

In a social media post, Broward Mayor Michael Udine said, “The press release was just sent out by the State Department of Health. I have asked our County admin team to get more details, but we have been assured by the State that this is an isolated incident and contained. I will post any updates when I receive same.

According to the Department of Health, transmission of moneypox requires prolonged face-to-face contact with the lesions associated with the disease. The Department reports individuals vaccinated against smallpox should have protection from moneypox.