Democrat SuperPAC Targets Congressman Allen West: “TAKE DOWN WEST”

The Left is so super-obsessed with Congressman Allen West (R-Plantation) it makes sense they created a SuperPAC to defeat him and the “Tea Party Ten”. This email touting CREDO SuperPaC was sent by Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold. Who is Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold? Arnold is your typical leftist activist with ties to The Sierra Club,, Democracy […]

Chaos In Broward? Occupy Fort Lauderdale Targets The School Board Of Broward County (VIDEO)

Did the hippies at Occupy Fort Lauderdale get a clue about the real corruption in Broward County? Thursday morning, about 40 protestors from Occupy and held a loud rally in front of the School Board HQ in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Some of the protestors even wore Broward Teachers Union shirts. First Sylvia Poitier gets […]

Occupy Red Broward: Who are the “1%” In Broward?

Has anyone asked the Occupy Fort Lauderdale folks who they think makes up the “1%” in Broward county?