Rise And Prove Them Wrong

They’re using the same old game plan. Glossy mailers touting endorsements fill your mailbox. Robocalls urge super voters to overlook corrupt deals and immunized testimony. Ads fill local papers catering to diverse communities as if the politician actually cares about that diverse community. They are trying to fool us all over again. They think you’re […]

REPORT: Broward Democrats Honor Union Calling For “Militant Social Movement” In Broward

MEDIA TRACKERS FLORIDA is reporting Broward Democrats such as Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter, Broward State Attorney Mike Satz, and host of candidates gave an award to the ultra-confrontational UNITE HERE at the BYD Luncheon. “Walsh also told the gathering of Democratic leaders that Unite Here could remedy that failure by pushing the ‘Florida Freedom […]

Broward Property Appraiser Lori Parrish Gets An Opponent

Lori Parrish, longtime Broward Property Appraiser, has drawn a challenger. Michael Cibene, a local property appraiser, filed to run as a member of the Independent Party Of Florida. Mr. Cibene tells Red Broward that he will re-file next week as an NPA). Cibene, a father of three teenagers, last been a Broward resident since 1969.  He […]