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VIDEO: Broward Clerk Of Courts Brenda Forman Takes Oath Of Office

Broward Clerk Of Courts Brenda Forman

On Tuesday morning, Brenda Forman began her second term as the Broward Clerk of Courts. With her daughter by her side, Ms. Forman took the oath with Chief Judge Jack Tuter presiding. In addition to family, friends and employees, Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness and new Broward State Attorney Harold Pryor attended the ceremony at the Broward County Courthouse.

“I Paid Dan Lewis $14k And All I Got Is This Lousy Facebook Post?!?”

According to his latest campaign treasurer’s report, Broward Clerk of Courts candidate Mitch Ceasar has paid nearly $14,000 to Democrat consultant Dan Lewis. This total includes another $3,059.04 paid to Lewis’ JNAC Communications & Management company. Ceasar has spent just a little more than $16,000 on his campaign.

So what is Mitch getting for his money?

Some of Dan Lewis’ long, wordy fundraising emails? A prime spot on his “legendary” blue card? It must be more than this Facebook post.

On May 1, Dan Lewis posted on Mitch Ceasar’s campaign Facebook page. He urged friends to “like” the page. Lewis’ post got one comment. The comment was left by Mrs. Mitch Ceasar.

Dan says “you won’t be sorry.” The real question is whether Mitch Ceasar is sorry.  Lewis’ support of James Fondo’s race against Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is troublesome for Ceasar. While some say Lewis is known as a busy bee, let’s hope Mitch gets his undivided attention.