Broward Democrat Running For Supervisor Of Elections AND Clerk Of Courts

Rubin Young wants to be the next Broward Supervisor of Elections. He wants to be the next Broward Clerk of Courts, too. Young, a registered Democrat, filed campaign paperwork for both offices. In a telephone interview with REDBROWARD, Young said Supervisor of Elections officials stated nobody had run for two offices before. He previously campaigned […]

Facebook Exposes Broward Clerk Of Courts Cuts

UPDATE: A Clerk of Courts insider claims some rank-and-file employees were furloughed with a 2% pay cut. Also, some new hires may have been terminated. Thanks to social media, Broward residents can witness the cost of political battle between State lawmakers and Howard Forman, the Broward Clerk of Courts. A prominent local attorney posted pictures […]

Hey Howard Forman: Robert Lockwood Qualified for Broward Clerk Of The Circuit Court

Robert Lockwood has qualified for the Broward Clerk Of the Circuit Court race. Lockwood will challenge longtime Democrat politco Howard Forman. Now Howard will have to spend more time campaigning and less time attending banquets with Sylvia Poitier (D-Guilty).