Twenty-Four Year Old Bailiff Running For Broward Clerk Of Courts

Shandrell Roscoe, via Facebook

Shandrell Roscoe, via Facebook

Shandrell Latrice Roscoe, a twenty-four year old bailiff from Lauderdale Lakes, wants to be the next Broward Clerk Of Courts. Roscoe, a Democrat, is a former track athlete from Stranahan High School. She graduated in 2009.

On her Facebook page, Roscoe promises to bring, “Professionalism, Integrity, Innovative” to the Clerk’s office. Last month, REDBROWARD reported Howard Forman, the current Clerk of Courts, had slashed salaries, fired new hires and closed the foreclosure help desk in response to State budget cuts. His wife Brenda Forman, Elizabeth McHugh and Rubin Young previously filed campaign paperwork for the position.

In an interview with REDBROWARD, Roscoe said Broward voters should not be concerned with her age. “Age is just a number,” she said. “Better question is ‘What am I capable of doing?'” Roscoe said received her Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from Florida Atlantic University. She is currently employed with Broward Sheriff’s Office as a courtroom bailiff.

Roscoe said her first-hand observations of the Clerk’s office in action motivated her run for office. Roscoe said she’s a problem solver who wants to make a big change for the average person.



1 thought on “Twenty-Four Year Old Bailiff Running For Broward Clerk Of Courts

  1. Pastor Stclair ward

    My name is Pastor St. Clair ward and I am asking you for your support for this young intelligent Christian woman. I do understand that while she is not a household brand in politics she can still offer some great ideas, Miss Roscoe inexperience can be natured and matured into something extraordinary.

    W e have to give young people a chance. It is true that the office in which she is seeking does require some grit, but she is only a part of the fix. She will need all hands on desk to address all concerns. Believe me, this job is an important job and I trust that with Miss Roscoe throwing her hat in the ring. that this generate quite some interest

    She is a Christian woman that will bring some values to the table. she is very educated and is very knowledgeable about the system. She works in the system and plans to keep learning as much as she can to help poor ordinary people.

    Make no mistake about this, this could be a starting point to create an interest in politics for many young people ,I certainly would like as many young African American people turn out to vote for her. Please as we vote for our president,senators and other high elected officials–I ask you to consisder the office of the clerk of Broward courts. Remember early voting starts on October 24th.

    Pastor Stclair Ward



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