Feren’s Folly Fixed: FBI Rescues Missing Sunrise Toddler

lillyLilly Baumann is back home, safe and sound with her father Robert Baumann. Last year, REDBROWARD detailed former Judge Steve Feren’s boneheaded decision to give custody of Lilly to her mother Megan Everett. While the media focuses upon Everett’s anti-vaccination nonsense, Feren received photographic evidence of Lilly playing near loaded weapons and ammunition while in the care of her mother.

Her mother, Megan Everett, was living with a Confederate gun enthusiast in Sunrise. Even after viewing a stack of pictures of Lilly in disturbing situations, Feren awarded joint-custody. Two months later, Lilly vanished into the twisted world of Confederate flag cultists.

In an August 2014 interview with REDBROWARD, Robert Baumann said Carlos Lesters, Everett’s live-in boyfriend, admitted in court to producing racist YouTube videos. In one video, Baumann said Lesters provided his Sunrise address and urged detractors to visit and fight him.

Also, Baumann provided evidence of Everett being a flight risk. Before Lilly was born, Everett ran away to Canada for ten months.

And Feren still gave custody to Everett.

After Lilly went missing, the Sunrise Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation started a search for the young girl. Yet, Feren refused to sign a new order which would guarantee police action if Lilly was found. Feren never apologized to Baumann. Feren’s only advice to Baumann was to recommend hiring a private investigator.

On Sunday, John Walsh featured Lilly on his new CNN program, The Hunt. Hours later, a Palatka landlord told authorities Megan Everett was her tenant.

Everett sits in jail after police and FBI rescued Lilly.

Meanwhile, Steve Feren wastes his days bashing his opponents in blog comments. Feren plays the victim card like a true politician, blaming everybody else for his loss last August.

The only true victim was Lilly Baumann. Maybe Feren will finally apologize to Lilly and her dad.

Feren left Lilly in the clutches of armed bigots

Feren left Lilly in the clutches of armed bigots

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