Blunder-Prone Broward Mayor Claims Arrest Of “High Ranking” Law Enforcement Officer Is Imminent

Despite her numerous newsmaking blunders, Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief loves basking in media spotlight. Her latest headline grabbing comments came last night on WPLG Local 10 News when Sharief declared an arrest would be made in the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport terror attack surveillance video leak investigation. Over the weekend, TMZ published a short clip of video showing Esteban Santiago shooting at passengers in Fort Lauderdale.

Sharief claimed the publication of the video could give rise to “copycats.” In an interview with Channel 10, Sharief claimed a “high ranking official” would soon face arrest for leaking the video. Sharief said the official was not in the FBI or Broward County government, implying some association with local law enforcement.

On Tuesday, Sharief did her best Sherlock Holmes impression, telling WFOR CBS 4 that a “reflection” in video revealed the uniform of the official.

For her sake, let’s hope this “high ranking” official is named soon. Sharief’s batting average on these investigative scoops is very poor.

Here are some of her greatest hits (incorrect statements in bold):

CNN The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer(1/6/17)

BARBARA SHARIEF, BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA, MAYOR: OK. At this time, Wolf, there has not been any updates in terms of what the motivation of the suspect is. What I can tell you is that there has been quite a bit of information that has been given out, and law enforcement right now is really concerned about misinformation, particularly with the identification of the suspect. They are reverifying that, because, at this point in time, there are some things about that that are not checking out.

BLITZER: Like what, for example? We want to be as accurate as possible, Mayor. Tell us what the problems are.

SHARIEF: In terms of the name itself, that may not be the appropriate or accurate information.

BLITZER: Really?

SHARIEF: Yes. So what they’re trying to do is identify and confirm that, yes, that is in fact the person that they do have in custody.I can tell you that he was taken alive. He is not injured. He did surrender to the personnel that was on scene during the shooting.

BLITZER: So, in other words, he may have had identification, some sort of I.D. identifying him as Esteban Santiago, formerly a member of the Alaskan National Guard, but it may be false I.D., he may actually be someone else? Is that what I’m hearing from you, Mayor?</em

CNN Anderson Cooper 360 (1/6/17)

COOPER: “I want to ask you, Mayor, about something you said on CNN earlier. I understand there are some things you can’t talk about. But I hear you mentioned this one to CNN earlier, that authorities were trying to re-verify the identity of the shooter. Have they been able to do that as far as you know? Is the shooter in fact this man who’s been identified?”

SHARIEF: Once the FBI took over the investigation they asked me not to comment on that any further. And so, they’re doing their due diligence at this time. What I can tell you is that we were told that that was not something that they were 100 percent sure of about all his identifying attributes and they are going to continue to investigate that.

CNN Don Lemon (1/6/17)

DON LEMON: Was there any sort of altercation on that flight from Minneapolis to Fort Lauderdale?

BARBARA SHARIEF: There were reports that there was some form of altercation with this gentleman on the flight and that it was de-escalated and there was no need for any further action.</em>

CNN Newsroom (1/7/17)

BROWN: “But do you know if he has been to Florida before? What his involvement has been in your state, in your city?”

SHARIEF: “In previous reports that I have been privy to and I’ve heard that they have said that he had some connections here in South Florida and that he had been here before.”

BROWN: “And I just want to recap as we wrap up this segment because I know you’re very busy, mayor. You had mentioned earlier that the gunman had visited the area before. Can you just tell us again what you know about that, his prior visits?”

SHARIEF: “The only thing that I can tell you is that they said that he had some contact here in terms of family members and that he had been here previously and in the past and in the recent past.

BROWN: “To Fort Lauderdale, specifically, correct?”

SHARIEF: “And the Miami area.

BROWN: “The Miami area. And you said the recent past and this is what law enforcement has told you, correct.”

SHARIEF: “Correct.”

Sources: Broward Millenial “Leader” Sat Ex-Congressman Mark Foley Behind Donald Trump

Lauren Cooley
Lauren Cooley

Multiple sources tell REDBROWARD a local millenial “leader” was responsible for seating disgraced ex-Congressman Mark Foley behind the podium at Wednesday’s Donald Trump rally in Sunrise, Florida. Sources say Lauren Cooley, a 24 year old musician, controlled the seating arrangements in the section behind Donald Trump. Foley’s presence at the rally was used by the liberal media to blunt Trump’s criticism of Hillary Clinton allowing the father of the Pulse nightclub terrorist to sit behind her at a recent Orlando rally.

In 2006, Mark Foley was forced to resign from office after it was revealed he sent sexually charged messages to underage congressional pages. At the time Foley said, “I am deeply sorry and I apologize for letting down my family and the people of Florida I have had the privilege to represent.” The Foley scandal helped Democrats retake control of Congress in 2006.

Of course, Cooley may not have been aware of this since she was just 14 years old at the time.

Sources say Cooley was very “hands on” in the seating process. She even threatened to have security remove people who did not belong in her section. Who gave this local musician such authority?

Some Republican insiders believe it was local Trump campaign official Dolly Rump and her husband Mike Rump. Both Rumps supported Cooley’s failed bid to become Broward Republican chair. (REDBROWARD revealed Cooley was more interested in self-promotion and selfies than electing Broward Republicans.) Mike Rump was spotted in the stands on Wednesday, haphazardly handing out wristbands to the VIP section in front of the podium.

Other insiders theorize Sharon Day, the RNC Co-Chair, empowered Cooley. Day, a big supporter of Charlie Crist and Jeb Bush, helped Cooley attend the RNC convention in Cleveland. In a Twitter post, Cooley thanked Day for giving her a pass to attend the festivities.

This whole mess shows the danger of using inexperienced millenials for the sake of looking good or inclusive. Many experienced volunteers would have gladly helped make sure Donald Trump avoided another manufactured mainstream media controversy.

This reporter spotted Foley at 6pm and tweeted about him not belonging there. Guess Lauren Cooley was too busy barking orders or taking selfies.


Feren’s Folly Fixed: FBI Rescues Missing Sunrise Toddler

lillyLilly Baumann is back home, safe and sound with her father Robert Baumann. Last year, REDBROWARD detailed former Judge Steve Feren’s boneheaded decision to give custody of Lilly to her mother Megan Everett. While the media focuses upon Everett’s anti-vaccination nonsense, Feren received photographic evidence of Lilly playing near loaded weapons and ammunition while in the care of her mother.

Her mother, Megan Everett, was living with a Confederate gun enthusiast in Sunrise. Even after viewing a stack of pictures of Lilly in disturbing situations, Feren awarded joint-custody. Two months later, Lilly vanished into the twisted world of Confederate flag cultists.

In an August 2014 interview with REDBROWARD, Robert Baumann said Carlos Lesters, Everett’s live-in boyfriend, admitted in court to producing racist YouTube videos. In one video, Baumann said Lesters provided his Sunrise address and urged detractors to visit and fight him.

Also, Baumann provided evidence of Everett being a flight risk. Before Lilly was born, Everett ran away to Canada for ten months.

And Feren still gave custody to Everett.

After Lilly went missing, the Sunrise Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation started a search for the young girl. Yet, Feren refused to sign a new order which would guarantee police action if Lilly was found. Feren never apologized to Baumann. Feren’s only advice to Baumann was to recommend hiring a private investigator.

On Sunday, John Walsh featured Lilly on his new CNN program, The Hunt. Hours later, a Palatka landlord told authorities Megan Everett was her tenant.

Everett sits in jail after police and FBI rescued Lilly.

Meanwhile, Steve Feren wastes his days bashing his opponents in blog comments. Feren plays the victim card like a true politician, blaming everybody else for his loss last August.

The only true victim was Lilly Baumann. Maybe Feren will finally apologize to Lilly and her dad.

Feren left Lilly in the clutches of armed bigots
Feren left Lilly in the clutches of armed bigots