Old Media Doesn’t Like It When Republicans Fight Back

Miami---Lesley Clark, writing in The Miami Herald, tells us how the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee doesn't like Karl Rove & American Crossroads defending freshman Congressman David Rivera (D-FL). Earlier this week, The DCCC started a media campaign against Rivera. The campaign includes emails, radio spots, web videos and phone calls. While Clark singles out Rivera [...]

Lieberman AWOL: Part of Ploy to Undermine Sheriff Lamberti?

Fort Lauderdale---It's no secret Democrats desperately hope to regain control of the Broward Sheriff's Office. It has been their goal since the downfall of disgraced former Sheriff Ken Jenne. Democrats control three of the four Constitutional offices in Broward: Supervisor of Elections, Clerk of the Courts and Property Appraiser. Democrats on the County Commission have [...]

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