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In Bizarre Text Message With Random Voter, Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin Admits His Wife Removed “Not-Gelin” Signs From Private Property

Ever wonder what happens if you respond to an annoying text message from a political candidate? “Amber” of Tamarac found out Monday when she replied to a text message from mayoral candidate Elberg Mike Gelin. The unsolicited text message from Gelin arrived on the first day of early voting.

It was the standard campaign pitch from Gelin’s ill-fated campaign against popular incumbent Mayor Michelle Gomez.

Until “Amber” decided to respond.

Gelin claimed his wife did nothing wrong when she removed “Not-Gelin” signs from private property.

Read it for yourself.

Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin Touts Endorsement By Group Who Claims American Was “Stolen” By Rape And Pillaging

On the day after Columbus Day, Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin touts his endorsement by a group who believes the Italian explorer stole America through “massacre, pillaging and rape.” Gelin celebrated the nod by the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida in a series of social media posts. The group selected Gelin in his bid to unseat popular incumbent Michelle Gomez as mayor of Tamarac.

On Monday, the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida declared, “America was not ‘discovered’” in response to Columbus Day celebrations. The far left progressive group preferred celebrating “Happy Indigenous People Day.” The group said Columbus did not discover America, “he invaded it!”

They wrote, “[Columbus] brought bibles, guns, and disease. They are guilty of genocide.”

Even though Tamarac has long been a hotbed of Democratic Party supporters, we doubt they hold similar views of Christopher Columbus.

What does Elberg Mike Gelin think about Columbus Day?

He did not post anything on his Instagram or Facebook accounts.