“Pedophile Island”: Drone Footage Exposes Jeffery Epstein Caribbean Compound

Weird buildings...pit disguised as tennis court...underground tunnels...all part of the mystery surrounding the island owned by sexual predator Jeffery Epstein. Now, drone footage of the island compound gives the world access to "pedophile island." https://youtu.be/OPoohlcHNkE https://youtu.be/G_WYvsYWioQ https://youtu.be/Z22um3H_EaM https://youtu.be/EAGpsHKaG20 https://youtu.be/u-MbC34erbs

Jeffery Epstein Lawyer Recruited Alexander Acosta To Prestigious Firm

The Miami Herald is (rightfully) getting all the attention for its coverage of the Jeffery Epstein case, but a thirteen year old Sun-Sentinel story disclosed the close ties between former US Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and Epstein's legal team. Last Friday, Acosta resigned as Labor Secretary after many questioned his role in drafting a 2008 [...]

AHF CEO Michael Weinstein Admits To Wanting Patients Living Close To His Pharmacies.

https://youtu.be/9A6fc9l4A2w On Valentines Day 2019, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) CEO Michael Weinstein presided over the opening of an affordable housing project in east Los Angeles. The renovated "Casa Del Corazon" hotel was the fifth project developed by the Healthy Housing Foundation "powered by AHF" to open in the Los Angeles area. A press release claimed [...]

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