Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan Meltdown When Broward Health CEO Challenges His COVID-19 Panic Plans

On Tuesday, Sunrise Mayor Mike Ryan sent a. e-mail to local political leaders and healthcare professionals regarding a growing number of COVID-19 patients in Broward hospitals. Ryan, a lawyer, challenged medical information provided by Broward Health CEO Gino Santorio. In an earlier email, Santorio told leaders that reports from Broward Health frontline medical personnel indicated …

Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Robert McKinzie Files For Broward County Commission Seat

Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner Robert McKinzie wants to replace Dale Holness on the Broward County Commission. On Tuesday, McKinzie filed campaign paperwork for the District 9 seat currently held by the controversial Holness. The paperwork is for the 2024 election.

Anabelle Lima Taub Wins Hallandale Beach Hand Recount

After the hand recount on Thursday, Hallandale Beach Commissioner Anabelle Lima Taub maintained her lead over challenger Cynthia Cabrera. It took dozens of workers about an hour to sort through more than 14,000 ballots cast in the Seat 3 race. Cabrera picked up just one vote. Despite being a political newcomer, Cynthia Cabrera had an …

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