Where Is Brenda Snipes’ Lawyer?

Where is Brenda Snipes’ lawyer? Burnadette Norris Weeks is the longtime “contract attorney” for the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office (SOE). But Norris Weeks has not been seen in public during the Broward vote counting mess™️.

Instead, local attorney Eugene Pettis has been Snipes’ public face. On Friday, he represented Snipes in a Broward County courtroom. On Saturday, Pettis held a press conference instead of Snipes.

As REDBROWARD reported multiple times, Norris Weeks has deep political ties to Congressman Alcee Hastings and Broward County Commission Dale Holness. Norris Weeks’ Right Consulting was an early contributor to Mayor Andrew Gillum’s campaign. She celebrated Gillum’s surprise win in August. In October she said she was “praying for change.”

On Facebook, Norris Weeks announced she went to “war” over gathering votes for the November election. She touted her role in the 2012 Souls To The Polls. She even praised Dale Holness for his hard work for Gillum.

Where is Burnadette Norris Weeks?


2 thoughts on “Where Is Brenda Snipes’ Lawyer?

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Tell u one thing.The smartest move Dr.Snipes made was to have Atty.Pettis take the wheel.Come on to say that she is deliberately hiding ballots to basically etc.throwing them in the trash.Cheap shot.I have stated previous its not her but her senior staff inc.Atty.Weeks esp.She has lost practically every case against Dr.Snipes.Again smart move having Pettis lead council.Yes, that SOE office is in disary but to say she should face criminal charged is assine.Then u have no other than the Grand Wizard Atty.Bill Scherer ligating for Gov.Scott.Seems like the Wizard here comes across as an opportunist etc.Oh he was on CNN , Fox etc and him leading the chorus to bring Dr.Snipes down.One point bring out Atty.Pettis is Scherer is cross referencing the 2000 Gore , Bush race.One has nothing to do with the other.Yes again ballots all over the place but to insinuate that Snipes deliberately staged this or orchestrated to hide ballots etc is absurd.Ok Atty.Scherer u made sure by court order that she let u and others examine the returns plus she ( Snipes) complied with all dead lines etc.She was suppose to submit the returns by Friday nite etc which she complied.Then the tabulations will be conducted per court order .So she has complied so far.And if a hand recount is mandatory she will comply to that order as well.To the Trump protesters your wasting your time.None of u have any effect on her at all.Its a shame that Scherer leading the pac to say she should be in jail etc.Yes its a circus.down there.The protesters add to the circus.PS.Dr.Snipes lookin good on national tv and to open up the Wall Street Journal and there u are.Who is the true Grand Wizard here???.


    1. Tim Pignot

      For the record. The Weeks firm won every case but one in 16 years. Pettis stepped in after the November election on one case where her main attorney was traveling. You have no idea what you are talking about.



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