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The Broward Democrat Operatives Running Allen Zeman, Andrew Gillum And Tamarac PACs Were Behind False Ads In Florida House Race

Who else is hiding behind Yolanda Brown?

The Broward Democrat operatives running the Allen Zeman, Andrew Gillum and numerous Tamarac political committees were accused of interfering in the August Florida House District 120 Republican primary. According to published reports, a political committee operated by Coral Springs resident Yolanda Brown attacked State Rep. Jim Mooney in a series of mailers and television commercials. Some believed Brown’s “Floridians For Truth Now” PAC worked on behalf of Mooney’s opponent, Rhoda Rebman Lopez.

Why would Yolanda Brown, the woman behind Andrew Gillum’s political committee, get involved in a Republican primary?

According to Florida Politics, “the ads attacking Mooney are written to make it appear as if Floridians for Truth Now is a conservative political committee.” Florida Politics reported Brown’s committee made a $19,000 payment to Precision Consulting LLC, a Delaware based company “for printing, likely for the ads attacking Mooney.”

Days later, Florida Politics reported a second Yolanda Brown political committee paid for television commercials attacking Rep. Jim Mooney. “The Freedom for Florida ad accuses Mooney of breaking the law by claiming multiple homestead exemptions. The allegation is false and the ad was pulled from the air after Mooney’s attorney provided documentation to EFFECTV proving that he is not claiming multiple exemptions.”

While the payment to Precision Consulting LLC for the Mooney mailer listed a Delaware address, REDBROWARD was able to directly tie the company to Yolanda Brown and her husband, Willie Rumph, Jr.


State of Florida election records show five payments made to Precision Consulting LLC located at a Dover, Delaware UPS Store. Three of the payments were made by PACs operated by Yolanda Brown: The Code PC, Fair Democracy Florida and Floridians For Truth Now.

State of Florida election records show Florida House 93 Democrat candidate Thomas Valeo made ten payments to Precision Consulting LLC. However, Valeo’s payments were sent to an address located in Coral Springs.

State business records list this address for the registered agent of Brown Financial And Consulting Services of Fort Lauderdale—acompany owned by Yolanda Brown. Her husband, Willie Rumph Jr, is the registered agent.

Records show Rumph and Brown live at the Coral Springs address.

When contacted by REDBROWARD, Yolanda Brown did not want to comment on her political committees. However, Brown did admit that she and Rumph own and operate Precision Consulting LLC.

Why are so many Democrats hiding behind Yolanda Brown’s political committees?

More to come…

Allen Zeman Hired Andrew Gillum’s Treasurer To Work On His Broward School Board Campaign, Now She’s Helping Marlon Bolton Promote His Opponent Donna Korn

Marlon Bolton backed mailer picks Donna Korn over Allen Zeman

Allen Zeman hired Andrew Gillum’s treasurer to fill same the same role on his Broward School Board campaign. Then, Zeman tapped the same woman, Yolanda Brown, to operate his “Keep Students First” political committee. As of publication, Ms. Brown remains in both roles for Zeman. So why is Yolanda Brown helping to promote Zeman’s District 8 opponent, Donna Korn?

As REDBROWARD revealed last week, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton is once again trying to fool Broward Democrat voters with a voters guide. Mailboxes across the county are receiving the Bolton guides under the names, Moving Tamarac Forward, Moving North Lauderdale Forward and even Moving Dania Beach Forward. As disclaimer on cards states two committees are responsible for them: Brand New Government and The People’s Union PAC.

Brand New Government is a federal political action committee based in Spokane, Washington. But Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show Brand New Government was formed by Yolanda Brown of Brown Financial and Consulting Services in Fort Lauderdale. The Spokane address is a UPS Store. The latest records show a single $100 contribution to this PAC.

According to State of Florida records, Yolanda Brown formed The People’s Union PAC in August 2022 using a Tampa address. The committee claims to have zero contributions and zero expenditures.

So, how did they pay to produce and mail the thousands and thousands of “Moving XXX Forward” cards?

Why is Yolanda Brown working both sides of the same race?

When REDBROWARD asked Brown aboout these issues she said, “I would rather not comment.”

More to come…