Broward County Airport Vendor & Dale Holness Supporter Paid For Controversial “Diversity” Sign At Polls

Campaign signs featuring the photographs of four Broward judicial candidates was paid for by the operator of restaurants at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. The large signs featured Haccord James Curry, Stefanie Camille Moon, Tanner Channing Demmery and Jackie Powell under the headline “Diversity.” Moon and Powell won their elections to the Broward bench on Tuesday. Curry and Demmery lost badly. A small disclaimer states the signs were paid for by Tyrone Nabbie of Windmere, Florida.

The address on the disclaimer is shared by Superior Hospitality Group, an Orlando-area food service company. State business records show Superior Hospitality Group is owned by Tyrone Nabbie. In 2015, the Sun-Sentinel reported Superior Hospitality Group opened new restaurants at the airport:

Concession operator Delaware North and its partner Superior Hospitality Group plan to invest more than $21 million in new food and beverage venues in Terminals 3 and 4, where it holds the restaurant contract.”

Contracts for concessions at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport are awarded by the Broward County Commission.

In 2015, Campaign finance records show Superior Hospitality and its restaurants gave thousands of dollars to the re-election of County Commissioner Dale Holness. In May 2018, the County-Sponsored “Broward Means Biz” conference presented an award to Nabbie.


Last week, REDBROWARD reported on the controversy surrounding the inclusion these four Broward judicial candidates on an illegal endorsement card. The partisan card was produced by A Better Florida For All, a political committee with deep ties to Dale Holness. Omar Smith, the treasurer of the committee, owns FlyerSmith. Campaign records show FlyerSmith has done extensive work for Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness. For his 2016 re-election campaign, Dale Holness paid Flyer Smith $15,161 for marketing, flyers, IT services and consulting. Judicial candidates are barred from appearing on partisan campaign literature. When the State of Florida revoked authorization for the committee, a Broward Judge ordered the removal of the card from early voting locations.

Then, a stunning undercover expose by Project Veritas Action featured Omar Smith disparaging Florida voters. Smith called Florida a “cracker” state. He said Andrew Gillum was telling voters a “fairy tale” to win their votes.

The video and a follow up interview were recorded at Dale Holness’ real estate office.


REDBROWARD contacted Tyrone Nabbie at his Orlando offices on Wednesday. Nabbie admitted to paying for the signs. When asked why, Nabbie claimed he wanted to be involved in the community. When asked if he discussed the signs with Dale Holness or Omar Smith, Nabbie said, “I have to decline comment.”

This appears to be the second time Dale Holness reached out for political help from someone doing business with County.

In September, REDBROWARD exposed how Dale Holness hosted an Andrew Gillum fundraiser at a building the County might purchase.

According to Broward property records, the building sold for $11.525 million in July 2018 to Spectrum Investors LLC. According to State of Florida records, Spectrum Investors LLC is managed by Sheldon Gross of Palm Beach.

In August 2018, The Sun-Sentinel reported Broward County Commissioners were looking for a new home for the Broward County Property Appraisers Office and the Broward Supervisor Of Elections Office. Located near highways and public transportation lines, the new building has a cafeteria, a hurricane-proof data storage bunker and room for a warehouse. Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness said the building has a “real nice gym.”

The price tag for the sprawling new government campus is $24 million taxpayer dollars.

This building is the same one owned by Gross at 2050 Spectrum Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale.

Even though he bought the building for less than half that amount just three months ago, Sheldon Gross claims the $24 million dollar price is competitive for the area.

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