POLL THIS: US CONGRESS FL 23 Republican Primary

5 thoughts on “POLL THIS: US CONGRESS FL 23 Republican Primary

  1. robertmeastonjr

    Carlos Reyes is a seasoned candidate who has the best chance of beating Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2018. Carlos lives and breathes and resides in FL 23. Restore Integrity in FL23 and support Carlos Reyes.


  2. William Mann

    Carlos Reyes…..best possible candidate….a centered Republican with incredible character and positive attitude……we need as many of him as we can get….#goodforamerica


  3. Kumar Nair

    Only Reyes is qualified to fight against a nationally known 7-term Democrat. A All other candidates failed multiple times in other elections, not enough academic qualifications ,debating knowledge or not even living on the district. Reyes is a gentleman, approachable,managed the largest health system in the district for years without a single question of corruption even from the Democrats. We need gentleman like him in a the Congress not the people who are using campaign money for living.



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