Democrat Candidate Andrew Dolberg Claims His Failing Charity Gave Him “First Hand” Experience To Be State House Rep

In May, Democrat candidate Andrew Dolberg claimed his non-profit organization gave him the necessary experience to be the next Florida House District 98 representative. In a brief speech in front of elected officials and judges, Dolberg discussed how he started the Champion Briefs Institute. He said his company teaches debate classes to Broward County students and “1,500 schools” nationwide. Dolberg said his “work is dedicated to making the next generation of young leaders.”

To further his goal, Dolberg said he started the Champion Education Foundation to provide opportunities to lower income students. Dolberg said, “I’ve seen firsthand what low income families face, the raw deal that they have especially here in Broward County.”

But a review of Champion Education Foundation’s Federal tax filings shows a lackluster organization spending more money than it raised from donors.

Information from its 2016 IRS Form 990 filing shows Dolberg’s non-profit reported $683 in expenses. The group stated in only had $653 in revenue, a deficit of $30. In 2015, Champion Education Foundation reported $499 in revenue and $434 in expenses. Both reports show the Foundation is hardly a runaway success.

According to the IRS, 2014 was the best year for Dolberg’s charity. The group reported $4,920 in revenue versus $4,017 in expenses. But the report shows the amount raised had little impact on low-income students.

In the 2014 Form 999 Dolberg’s charity reported spending $2,675 on a “Coaches Round Robin” event to raise money. According to Dolberg, the event resulted in just two $250 scholarships. The same report lists $1,338 spent on the Champion Briefs Institute “Speakathon.” The Form states this event resulted in a single $250 schloarship.

Things were even worse in 2013 for Dolberg’s non-profit. The Champion Education Foundation told the IRS it raised just $1,030 for the year. Dolberg’s group claimed $2,478 in expenses resulting in a $1,448 deficit. In the report, Champion Education Foundation said it spent $2,478 on its Coaches Round Robin event. Dolberg’s charity told the IRS the event, “failed to raise enough to cover expenses.”

While Dolberg promises to bring “real Progressive change” to Broward, it appears his charity works by old establishment rules–spend big bucks on an event, give little back to the real people and don’t worry about deficits.

ProTip: Next time, forget the event. Spend the money on scholarships.

2 thoughts on “Democrat Candidate Andrew Dolberg Claims His Failing Charity Gave Him “First Hand” Experience To Be State House Rep

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Oh Mr.Dolberg, say it ain’t so.Got all your emails and esp.your solicitations for 25 bucks.Its apparent Ft.lau city mayor Dean Trantalis gave u his residential email list, which inciedently he inherited from former city comm.and mayoral candidate Charlotte Rodstrom.I found this action to be intrusive.Same thing goes on with the voting list and email acc.with residents that register to vote.I find this concerning.One thought that comes to mind is get your own emails.Oh i know Mayor Trantalis was very generous in giving u these email list.And i was made aware u have the endorsements of the Dolphin Democrats.I wish u well.However, i think you lobbied the wrong elected offical.You should have sought help and guidance from city comm.Steve Glassman.Yes indeed.Steve saved the day with the upcoming budget for 2019.Oh yes thanks to Steve and working with the city manager we have a balanced budget.Even with the city manager having to fill a 5.mill budget hole.Thanks to Comm.Glassman the city manager found the cuts without raising the.mill rate and or cuts in service.Poor Dean or who i like to call the lone wolf because Glassman is dev.a nice relationship with the manager and Trantalis ambition and or desire to terminate the city manager is down to 4-1 with Dean being the 1 only one in his again desire to fire the manager.The city manager is now instead of singing the blues is stating and or singing who’s sorry now.Meaning. the city manager is going anywhere.See Your buddy there at a previous comm.meeting attempted to belittle Glassman and his statement that Steve was playing to the audience.Sent Steve livid.Big mistake Dean.So much that word has it your after these past few comm.meetings some, several r stating u r going to be a one term mayor.Biggest mistake was that comment towards Glassman .City manager played the fiddle to a tee.Smart move taking advantage of Trantalis verbal actions so much that Dean is now the lone wolf and his desire to replace manager.Now with up coming budget passing, thanks to Comm.Glassman city manager goes nowhere and by that comment towards Glassman u lost a very strong supporter.So u see Mr.Dolberg u picked the wrong elected help u in your aspirations So much if mayoral election was tomorrow Dean Trantalis would be history.Congrats Comm.Glassman.Or should i say congtrats to city manager u give new meaning to to live for another day.See what u mean Mr.Dolberg….In other news sources telling me city comm.Robert Mckenzie SOA investigation is closed and no formal charges will be brought against him..So good lyck to u sir even though i would rather see Atty.Gottlieb prevail..


  2. City activist Robert Walsh

    Those that are asking me where i heard that city ft.lau comm.Robert Mckenzie is not facing criminal charges pertaining to his alleged ilegal campaign reports and or not living in the district he governs- yes no charges.When im told investigation closed and i don’ t cuffs tells u no charges filed..Some of you.My sources never, never would lie to me..No charges filed.My take.HE GOT LUCKY..



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