On Sunday, Broward native George LeMieux won the Florida Federation Of Republican Women (FFRW) US Senate straw poll. Sources tell RED BROWARD it was an “overwhelming” win for the LeMieux campaign. Mike McCalister was a distant second. Connie Mack, the current GOP frontrunner came in last.

FFRW president Cindy Graves told the Miami Herald the group would not release the vote totals, however our sources say LeMieux dominated the poll garnering most of the 140 or so votes. They said Mack came away with less than 10% of the votes.

The Associated Press reported on the FFRW forum:

“LeMieux was the only one of three candidates to directly contrast his positions with a primary opponent, saying Mack’s proposal to cut the federal budget by 1 percent each year for the next six years doesn’t go far enough. He also characterized Mack’s support of defunding the United Nations as unrealistic. And he pointed out that Mack has sought earmarks as a congressman while LeMieux said he didn’t seek any during his time in the Senate.

‘I don’t need earmarks because I don’t want to stay there forever,’ said LeMieux, who said he would serve no more than two terms if elected. ‘This is the difference between people who want to serve and career politicians.'”