Ozzie DeFaria, GOP candidate for US Congress, had been warned weeks ago. As we reported on February 7, DeFaria claimed Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch) issued a threat via an intermediary; DWS took exception to DeFaria calling her an “attack dog” so she told a mutual friend, “Ozzie will get what’s coming to him.”

Fast forward to today. DeFaria says a local blogger launched a “vicious attack”; He says this same blogger is “a political hack who consistently and regularly attacks the conservative opponents of the people who pay to advertise on his website.” The blog piece focused on the RNC and Congressional Republicans naming DeFaria a “Young Gun”. The piece says this determination may have been hasty given DeFaria’s “lack of judgement”(sic). The piece then lists items found in a public records search.

DeFaria campaign issued this statement:

“‘It’s no coincidence that Debbie Wasserman Schultz said ‘Ozzie will get what’s coming to him’ and then a paid political blogger launches a vicious attack a few days later. Every charge made is either false or extremely misleading. To learn the truth, please visit OzzieforCongress.com/facts. I’m focusing my campaign on the economic issues that matter most to voters. I call upon my Republican opponents to condemn this misleading attack and join me in an issues-based campaign focused on getting South Floridians back to work.

The blogger who attacked me has lost all credibility as a legitimate source of information and most people know that he is nothing more than a political hack who consistently and regularly attacks the conservative opponents of the people who pay to advertise on his website. Voters can learn more about his record at truthaboutjaviermanjarres.com.

I’m confident that voters will reach their own conclusions about my record as a job creator and my campaign to defeat Nancy Pelosi’s East Coast Twin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.'”

The answers on DeFaria’s website are as follows:

“We’ll never know who paid for his most recent attack on Ozzie, but it’s not a coincidence that Debbie Wasserman Schultz said ‘Ozzie will get what’s coming to him’ and then a local paid political blogger launched a full front assault on Ozzie’s character.  The charges made on the hit piece are either false or extremely misleading.  Here are the facts:

  • Regarding the car accident (‘Auto Negligence’):  In November 2010, Ozzie was driving with his wife and her parents on I-95.  Unfortunately, they were in a tragic accident and the driver of the other vehicle died.  The police conducted a thorough investigation and determined Ozzie was not in any way at fault.  He was never charged with any crime or traffic violation.  He deeply sympathizes with and has great sorrow for the driver’s family and regrets their tragic loss, but any claim or suggestion he was in any way at fault, or that the incident is being investigated as a homicide, is an outright lie.  The case with Ozzie is closed and any open case may be with the identification of a legal guardian of the victim’s son.
  • Regarding the ‘domestic violence’ and ‘misdemeanor’ accusations: Ozzie was married to his ex-wife, Elaine, and they have three wonderful children together.  Unfortunately, they divorced after 17 years of marriage.  Over six years ago, Ozzie and Elaine’s boyfriend let their emotions get the best of them, had a physical altercation, and Ozzie was charged with ‘domestic violence.’  The altercation was between Ozzie and Elaine’s boyfriend and did not directly involve Elaine.  The charges were subsequently dismissed.  It was an unfortunate incident they both regret.  Their intent has always been to protect the children, and as a result, they have never commented publicly on this matter and resolved their differences.  Today, Elaine, Ozzie and their respective spouses have a great relationship and they remain focused on their children.  They are not perfect, but they will defend against distorted charges.  Please watch this video where Elaine discusses her support for Ozzie’s campaign and commitment to his family.
  • Regarding the ‘Civil Litigation’:  In 1999, Ozzie built a home.  Terra Management was hired to provide landscape design and installation.  Due to the failure of Terra Management to properly install the lawn watering system, Ozzie refused to make payment until the issue was corrected.  It was never corrected.  As a result, Ozzie was sued after he sold his home.  Ozzie believes that people should deliver on their contractual obligations and stands by his position to withhold payment.
  • Regarding the ‘Traffic Infraction’:  Ozzie received a moving vehicle violation for not obeying the speed limit (54 mph in a 45 mph zone) and not coming to a complete stop.  He regrets these mistakes and is sure to obey all traffic laws.
  • Regarding the ‘small claims litigation’:  Ozzie hired a local contractor to clean the roof of his Weston home.  The contractor broke several tiles and did not repair his roof.  Ozzie refused to make full payment until the tiles were repaired.  The contractor sued Ozzie, but never showed up for court (presumably because he knew he was wrong).  The judge dismissed the case.”

Stay tuned…