Broward County Commisioner (and resident joke-teller) Kristin Jacobs (D-“Fair”) launched her campaign for US Congress at the old schoolhouse in Deerfield Beach. Jacobs was introduced by fellow commissioner, Bonny Prince Johnny Rodstrom.

A crowd of about 60 family members and Democrat activists listened as Jacobs gave a speech right out of the Clinton-era 1990s: “Save the oceans”, “build bridges” ” play by rules” and “livable wage”.

Funny thing, she didn’t mention President Barack Obama.

Jacobs played up her underdog role. Lois Frankel remains the Democrat frontrunner with more than a million dollars in the bank. The Democrat will face GOP candidate Adam Hasner who has the backing of the RNC, the NRCC, Congressman Allen West, and local GOPers State Senator Ellyn Bogdanoff and State Rep. George Moraitis.

Some notable Democrats in attendance: County Commisioner Lois Wexler, “Ethics” honcho Roy Rogers, BSO candidate Louis Granteed, School Board lobbyist and Rogers’ chum Lisa Maxwell, Allen West protest organizer Michael Rajner and Democrat operative Jack Shifrel.