The first negative advertisement in the GOP race to challenge Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch) has hit YouTube. The web video targets GOP candidate Joe Kaufman. The video was posted by “Videoforthe” on February 8, 2012. Another videos posted include attacks on George LeMieux and Mitt Romney.

The video smears Kaufman as a “bigot”, a “racist”, and a “one trick pony”. The video is posted on Facebook in an attempt to have it go “viral”. It appears the Facebook posting was done by a “fake” Facebook account.

Joe Kaufman tells RED BROWARD:

“[The video] is a lame attempt by the Karen Harrington campaign to make me look bad. It is a desperate attempt.” As for the charges leveled in the video, Kaufman says a corrected FEC reports “shows we raised more money than Karen Harrington; So far we have raised over 100k.” Kaufman states the “one issue” remark comes courtesy of slick editing by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show–Kaufman says the one issue is “defeating Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

We attempted to reach the Harrington campaign for comment. It appears the team is attending CPAC conference in Washington D.C.