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Did The Florida Democratic Party Pay A Broward State Representative’s Company $13,842.83?

Between February 2, 2011 and March 11, 2011, the Florida Democratic Party made four payments to “LSF CONSULTING”.   That entity appears to be owned by Florida State Representative Franklin Sands and his wife Leslie Sands. The $13, 842.83 worth of payments to the Weston based consulting firm were for “consulting/fundraising.”

LSF Consulting is located at 16170 Saddle Lane, Weston Fl 33326. This appears to be the same address used by Franklin Sands for campaign fundraising.

According to local government records, the property located at 16170 Saddle Lane is owned by Rep. Sands and his wife.

According to records from the City of Weston, THE WAY YO GO LLC is “doing business as” (dba) LSF CONSULTING.

According to State of Florida records, THE WAY TO GO,LLC is based at 16170 Saddle Lane, Weston FL 33326. The registered agent is Franklin Sands.

THE WAY TO GO, LLC has two managing members (MGRM) Franklin Sands and Leslie Sands.

Both parties routinely reimburse politicians for travel and meal expenses. However, those payments are made in the representatives’ name and labeled as travel or meal expenses. The Florida Democratic Party’s payments to LSF CONSULTING were clearly labeled as “consulting/fundraising.”

What kind of consulting/fundraising did the Florida Democratic Party request from the Sands? Could it be Sands’ first paycheck for his new job overseeing south Florida?

Sands is getting a new job to oversee Democratic efforts in several South Florida counties.  Included are Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

The job will involves grassroots efforts, including a beefed up get-out-the-vote campaign and coordinating the various candidates with the state party.

Some Democrats are already complaining about rumors that Sands will be earning a large paycheck from the financially-beleaguered party.

‘I’m told the money he is getting is a lot of money.  It could be into six figures with incentives,’ said one Democrat. ‘That’s a lot for the Democrats.'”


Should Sands wear his party hack-hat while the Florida Legislature is in session?

RED BROWARD asked Representative Sands for comment about LSF CONSULTING; He did not respond to our request.