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Rick Stark Still Thinks Like A Republican


Sure Rick Stark claims to be a Democrat running for Florida State House of Representatives District 104, but he can’t hide from his Republican roots. Back in 2007 Stark, as Broward GOP Treasurer, openly endorsed the candidacy of Chip LaMarca. His endorsement of LaMarca’s bid to be Broward GOP chairman even made the Miami Herald.

But there’s even better proof that Stark retains his Republican mindset. He thinks a picture of him with Barney Miller will get him elected. C’mon Rick, Hal Linden? How old are you? Maybe Wojo or Abe Vigoda, but Hal Linden?

Democrats should vote for Douglas “Doug” Harrison. He has no pictures with obscure 1970s sitcom stars.


Did The Florida Democratic Party Pay A Broward State Representative’s Company $13,842.83?

Between February 2, 2011 and March 11, 2011, the Florida Democratic Party made four payments to “LSF CONSULTING”.   That entity appears to be owned by Florida State Representative Franklin Sands and his wife Leslie Sands. The $13, 842.83 worth of payments to the Weston based consulting firm were for “consulting/fundraising.”

LSF Consulting is located at 16170 Saddle Lane, Weston Fl 33326. This appears to be the same address used by Franklin Sands for campaign fundraising.

According to local government records, the property located at 16170 Saddle Lane is owned by Rep. Sands and his wife.

According to records from the City of Weston, THE WAY YO GO LLC is “doing business as” (dba) LSF CONSULTING.

According to State of Florida records, THE WAY TO GO,LLC is based at 16170 Saddle Lane, Weston FL 33326. The registered agent is Franklin Sands.

THE WAY TO GO, LLC has two managing members (MGRM) Franklin Sands and Leslie Sands.

Both parties routinely reimburse politicians for travel and meal expenses. However, those payments are made in the representatives’ name and labeled as travel or meal expenses. The Florida Democratic Party’s payments to LSF CONSULTING were clearly labeled as “consulting/fundraising.”

What kind of consulting/fundraising did the Florida Democratic Party request from the Sands? Could it be Sands’ first paycheck for his new job overseeing south Florida?

Sands is getting a new job to oversee Democratic efforts in several South Florida counties.  Included are Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties.

The job will involves grassroots efforts, including a beefed up get-out-the-vote campaign and coordinating the various candidates with the state party.

Some Democrats are already complaining about rumors that Sands will be earning a large paycheck from the financially-beleaguered party.

‘I’m told the money he is getting is a lot of money.  It could be into six figures with incentives,’ said one Democrat. ‘That’s a lot for the Democrats.'”


Should Sands wear his party hack-hat while the Florida Legislature is in session?

RED BROWARD asked Representative Sands for comment about LSF CONSULTING; He did not respond to our request.

Strong Turnout at Inaugural Meeting of Republican Club of Central Broward

Plantation—A near-capacity crowd of more than 30 Republican activists from Plantation, Sunrise, Sunrise Lakes, Coral Springs and Hallandale attended the first meeting of the Republican Club of Central Broward. The diverse group included a Plantation resident since 1966 and even a newborn baby (gotta start ’em young in Broward).

RCCB Chairman Walter “Marty” Hughes set the tone for the new club. The RCCB is a grassroots organization with a simple goal: provide the membership with tools to help elect Republican candidates in Broward county. The group gave a hero’s welcome to former Plantation councilman Jerry Fadgen. Mr. Fadgen thanked many in the group for helping his mayoral campaign. Saying he was too young to retire, Fadgen promised to be back in the game.

Jerry Fadgen

Broward Republican Executive Committe Chairman Richard DeNapoli was on hand to welcome the new club and it’s membership. DeNapoli gave important insight on the redistricting battle, Presidency 5, The Grand Old Party BBQ with Allen West and The RNC Convention in Tampa. DeNapoli said Broward is an important firewall that can keep Barack Obama and Bill Nelson from winning Florida in 2012.

Group members were given an opportunity to speak about issues which concern them most. Many of the members had harsh words for corruption at the School Board of Broward County. The fact the corruption is resonating with grassroots voters has to be troubling news for Broward School Board Member Maureen Dinnen. Ms. Dinnen is up for re-election in 2012; Most of her district is in Plantation.

Richard Denapoli (L) listens to members talk about issues

Debbie Wasserman Schultz(D-Out Of Touch) was mentioned by a member or two as well.  Many of the women did not appreciate her harsh tone and over-the-top rhetoric. (And no one called her names or said a mom couldn’t work outside the home or a woman can’t hold two jobs). Wasserman Schultz’s district includes part of Plantation.

When someone expressed dismay with a certain element of the Tea Party movement, many in the group were quick to say every group has problems; Chairman Hughes reminded everyone the left has quite a few bad apples.

Meetings will held on the second Tuesday of each month at Plantation’s Kennedy Community Center, 5555 Palm Tree Road Plantation, FL 33317-2600

Chairman Hughes said the group FACEBOOK page and website will be up and running soon.