Rupert Tarsey Insider Tells All

(Editors Note: The following account was written by Daniel Diaz, a BREC member and former candidate for Pompano Beach City Commission.) I am writing this tell all about my relationship with Rupert ‘Ditsworth’ Tarsey, because my loyalty to the party trumps my own political ambitions. I know this article will greatly hurt my chances of […]

BREC MOTION MADNESS: 20 Year Old Member Admits He Knows Nothing About Broward, Serves With Rupert Tarsey On Another Board

In a telephone interview with REDBROWARD, Michael J. Kane, a 2o year old who joined the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) in August, admitted his motion to remove Chairman Robert Sutton was based on rumors he heard from members of the board and disgruntled former members. Kane made his motion to remove Sutton at Rupert […]

Victim’s Father To Rupert Tarsey: You’re Still “Dangerous”

“There is a concept I see at work here of ‘Hey, you’re guilty until you’re proven innocent,’ which is contrary to American jurisprudence.”— Richard DeNapoli on Rupert Tarsey In his brazen bid to seize control of the Broward Republican Party, Rupert Tarsey and his allies have sought to minimize his brutal attempted murder of Elizabeth […]