Does Rupert Tarsey like any of his fellow Broward Republicans?  Yesterday, BREC member Daniel Diaz exposed Tarsey’s dislike of former BREC secretary Dolly Rump. This shocking revelation comes as many insiders believe Rump, a former Broward Trump campaign operative, has been supportive of Tarsey’s bid to remove Sutton. According to Diaz:

In the course of this initial friendship, Rupert pledged his support to me over Dolly Rump for the BREC Elections back in December. He did this because Rupert claimed Dolly did nothing for Donald Trump, that she was lazy, disorganized, and that he shouldered the burden of the work by taking voter registrations to the Supervisor of Elections, because Dolly wouldn’t. 

In a conversation with a Broward Republican, Tarsey blamed his fellow board members for the controversial “special meetings” held in the hopes of removing Sutton. Tarsey said he would have preferred having the removal motion heard at a regularly scheduled meeting. “It was Richard DeNapoli and Kevin Moot’s decision to do that and I was outvoted,” Tarsey said.

Tarsey’s disdain extends beyond current and former BREC board members. In the same conversation with the Broward Republican, Tarsey lashes out a controversial new member. “There’s like 20 people David Rosenthal is reading on,” Tarsey said. “This organization is about to get a hell of a lot crazier very soon.”

Tarsey, once charged with attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for hitting a female classmate 40 times with a claw hammer, calls Rosenthal and his friends “crazy.” He said, “Those aren’t my people. My people are sane.”

Tarsey continued, “I assure you that I am not a psycho standing on the side of the road with some type of weird crazy sign.”

In regards to Rosenthal, Tarsey stated, “The next big recruiter is going to be David Rosenthal… [W]e both don’t like Sutton.”

Then, Tarsey reveals his opinion of Rosenthal:

He’s a wild man, he’s fucking crazy. I don’t want an association with that kind of craziness. It’s the last thing I need. The people being read on next are either mine or his. Which is kind of crazy.

Does Rupert Tarsey stand with any BREC member other than himself?

What BREC member still stands with Rupert Tarsey?

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Well, I never argue with people who say I am crazy. But after all, what matters is whether what I say is true. I never met a sane person yet, as far as I know.


  2. I think that if there is an issue, you do it the right way and wait for an election. Unless there are mitigating circumstances, which I do not see any, you do it through the proper channels. In my opinion, right now BREC is looking like all the people on the left who want trump impeached. Also, in my opinion, this whole thing makes BREC look petty and small and I think that any of the people who would pretend to want to lead BREC have massively failed the job interview with how publicly out of hand this has gotten.


    1. The bylaws permit a motion to remove the chairman. All the requirements have been met and there is more than enough cause. The official vote will decide the matter this Wednesday evening.


      1. Well your brave Rosenthal when it comes to posting…you always have the opportunity to talk with me….face to face. Most thugs I know even talk to little people like you.


      2. Ben…you seem to have forgotten the video evidence of me talking to you at the BREC meeting at which you assisted the thuggery that was taking place. You could remove the video from YouTube but it has already been copied for use in court.


  3. To Robert Sutton & Benjamin Bennett:

    Is it not enough for the sergeant-at-arms of BREC to abet thuggery? Must he also deceive members into believing that BREC is not guided by established rules? Has he no shame at all?


    1. Rosie, have you been whacked on the head with Rupert’s hammer? He’s playing you like a fiddle and you’re talking about by-laws on a blog.


    2. Your not taking your Meds again Rosenthal. Please enlighten us as to just which By-Law is at place…? What Section are you stating that is In Order? Tell us all where we find the BREC BY-LAWS?


      1. Every local county party REC falls under the RPOF County REC Model Constitution. Some counties add to this by creating bylaws of their own. If they create bylaws of their own, these bylaws cannot contradict those rules in the Model Constitution. BREC has no separate bylaws and thus follows the Model.


  4. Who are you the blog comments police? My name is Dick. Long time resident of Margate. Originally from Ft Liquordale. I’ve been a Republican my whole life. And I know better to do the dirty work of some snot nosed brat who nearly killed a girl.


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