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Jeb Bush Mailers Hitting Broward Mailboxes

 Broward Republican mailboxes are getting stuffed with pro-Jeb Bush mailers from the Right To Rise USA political committee. The glossy multi-page mailer touts Governor Bush’s foreign policy plans.

A full page photograph of the Oval Office is emblazoned with “When the attacks come here, the person behind this desk will have to protect your family.” The mailer refers to attacks from the militant Islamist group, ISIS. The mailer calls Bush an “experienced leader” with a “plan to fight and defeat ISIS.” Bush’s opponents for the Republican nomination are featured inside the mail piece.

The mailer calls Donald Trump “offensive, impulsive and reckless.” The pro-Bush piece claims Senator Ted Cruz voted to “dramatically weaken” surveillance. The piece uses missed votes to attack Senator Marco Rubio.

“Marco Rubio missed more votes over the last 3 years than ANY other Senator, and even skipped crucial national security hearings and votes.” 

The mailer states Governor Bush has the support of 27 generals and admirals because he “has the experience and knowledge to protect your family.”

The Bush campaign appears to be making a big push for the Broward vote.

As REDBROWARD first reported, Governor Bush will be the featured speaker in March at the Broward Republican Party’s Lincoln Day event.