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Coconut Creek Democrat Candidate Lauren Linville Equates Black Lives Matter With ISIS And “Radical Islam” In Facebook Rant

“I’m so sick of all these ‘movements’…Black Lives Matter, ISIS, Radical Islam, LGBT Hate groups…. They’ve done nothing but disappoint, hate, kill and create pain for others.” –Lauren Linville, Coconut Creek Commission Candidate.

A Democrat candidate for the Coconut Creek City Commission equated the Black Lives Matter movement with ISIS and radical Islam in a Facebook rant. Lauren Linville, the owner of a crisis/emergency management group, is running for the District E seat against longtime Commissioner Joshua Rydell. In her July 2016 post, Linville wrote, “I’m so sick of all these ‘movements’…Black Lives Matter, ISIS, Radical Islam, LGBT Hate groups…. They’ve done nothing but disappoint, hate, kill and create pain for others.”

While many question the tactics used in violent protests and riots following the death of George Floyd, few would equate BLM with the murderous actions of ISIS.

In a Democrat stronghold like Coconut Creek, lumping Black Likes Matter in with ISIS and al-Qaeda is a losing proposition. Judging from her new campaign video, it appears Lauren Linville came to the same conclusion.

In her campaign video, Lauren Linville claims the Black Lives Matter protests over the summer “really pulled at my heart.” She also refers to “unity and community plans” being developed by the city. Linville says she wants to “bridge the gap of divisiveness” by being a “voice to both sides.” Suddenly, Lauren Linville wants to be the “voice” for a group she claimed did nothing but “disappoint, hate, kill and create pain for others?”

Did Linville change her view of BLM or is this just another case of political opportunism? Yet another candidate pandering to win votes?

REDBROWARD reached out to Lauren Linville.

After reading her post from 2016, Linville claimed equating BLM with ISIS was taking her words out of context. She said she was against divisive behavior and all forms of violence. Again pressing her on why she chose to lump in Black Lives Matter with radical Islam, Linville continued to use the “out of context” argument. Linville said she had another appointment and ended the call.

Coconut Creek voters will render their verdict in March.

FLL ATTACK: Esteban Santiago Says He’s ISIS Fighter, Talked With Others In Jihadi Chatrooms

An FBI agent told a Federal Judge that the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport shooter claims to be an ISIS fighter. On Tuesday, Esteban Santiago made another appearance in Federal court. Santiago murdered five fellow travelers on January 6, 2017 at the baggage claim area of terminal two.

According to published reports, FBI Agent Michael Ferlazzo said Santiago admitted he carried out the attack on behalf of ISIS. Santiago claimed he spoke to other potential terrorists when he visited jihadist online chat rooms. Santiago was denied bond and will remain in the Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale.

Investigators said Santiago spoke with them for about six hours. “The first few hours of his ‘confession’ were audio recorded and all but about 10 minutes of his interview at the FBI office was recorded on video,” Ferlazzo testified.

These statements in open court seem to bolster earlier reports that Santiago created social media accounts in 2007 under an Islamic name. While some politicians were quick to discount terrorism as the motive, the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the FBI never ruled out terrorism as Santiago’s motive.