UPDATE: TIME Photojournalist Choked By Security At Donald Trump Rally

Breaking: Reports via Twitter claim Chris Morris, a Time magazine photojournalist was thrown to the ground by security at a Donald J. Trump rally in Virginia. Watch the video for yourself UPDATE: New video shows Morris whispering “F*ck you!” to agent before incident (via Joe Perticone) https://twitter.com/joeperticone/status/704379901420429313 https://twitter.com/joeperticone/status/704367346916462592 https://twitter.com/leahgmalone/status/704370574592774145 https://twitter.com/jaxalemany/status/704378111689945088

Broward Car Salesman Suing Rubio, Cruz Over Eligibility

Next month, a Broward judge will hear arguments in a lawsuit questioning Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio’s eligibility to be President of the United States. On March 4th, Circuit Court Judge John Bowman will hear motions to dismiss the lawsuit brought by Michael Voeltz, a Toyota car salesman. Voeltz is suing Cruz, Rubio, Florida …

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