REDBROWARD recommends Broward voters support Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Pam Keith in the upcoming US Senate primary election. Rubio and Keith are far superior to their primary opponents. Rubio is running against Sarasota businessman Carlos Beruff, while Keith is facing a pair of DC Congressmen, Alan Grayson and Patrick Murphy.

Even though Senator Marco Rubio came up short in the Republican Presidential primary, he has still been at the forefront of issues affecting Florida. Rubio was one of the earliest voices calling for a massive response to the Zika virus. Now, the virus has spread to numerous cities including Miami, Miami Beach, and Tampa. Rubio continues to urge Washington lawmakers to put politics aside and match the Zika fighting efforts of Governor Rick Scott.

Carlos Beruff has been featured on REDBROWARD several times. While he has excellent ideas to help Florida’s economy, Beruff would be learning on the job about other serious issues including the war on terror. Florida needs the steady leadership of Senator Marco Rubio.

In the Democrat primary, REDBROWARD urges voters to support US Navy veteran Pam Keith. Keith, a NAVY JAG officer, now specializes in labor law. We were impressed with an interview she gave us last year regarding Middle East issues. While in the NAVY, Keith served in the Middle East in many important top-level positions. Unfortunately, the media and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s DNC has all but ignored Keith. Instead they focused on the empty suit known as Congressman Patrick Murphy. The two term Congressman who barely beat Allen West four years ago, is not ready for prime time. A recent expose by CBS 4 Miami showed gaping holes and lies in the Murphy resume.

Congressman Alan Grayson should never get close to the US Senate chamber.

In its recent endorsement of Pam Keith, The Miami Herald said, “This long-shot candidate brings one of the freshest perspectives to Florida politics heard in a long time. She is accomplished, credible — and has been left out in the cold by state Democratic leaders and her two better-known opponents. And that, too, is a shame for democracy.”

“Ms. Keith has an engaging personality and a world view that cuts through that political fog. She’s a realist and knows she’s a long-shot, but makes a good case for the seat she’s pursuing: ‘The military, foreign policy, labor policy — these are federal issues,’ she told the Editorial Board. ‘I know the federal sphere.'”

New Broward Clerk Of Courts Write-In Candidate Is Friends With Mitch Ceasar?!?

According to spokesman for his write-in campaign, Adam R. Brass decided to run to Broward County Clerk of Courts during a private lunch with former Broward Democratic Party chairman Mitch Ceasar. The spokesman, Alan Brass, said his son “overheard” Ceasar discussing the efficacy of a write-in candidate at a lunch both men attended. Caesar is a Democrat candidate for the Broward County Clerk of Courts.

If no Republican or NPA qualifies by Friday, Brass’ write-in candidacy will prevent Republicans and Independents from voting in the August primary. 

 The elder Brass admitted he was a “personal friend” of Mitch Ceasar. Alan Brass said he “had no idea why” his son decided to run. When asked about Adam Brass’ experience, he said, “he has no experience and no ambition.” Oddly enough this applies to most Broward politicians.

In a brief telephone conversation with REDBROWARD, Adam Brass said he is a musician. The 32 year-old Fort Lauderdale resident said he is no longer the manager of Grateful J’s Deadhead Shop in Pompano. According to his Facebook profile, Brass is a graduate of Western High School and attended Broward College. State records show Brass is a registered Democrat. 

Is this another game hatched by Ceasar’s controversial consultant Dan Lewis? Is Mitch Ceasar afraid to face all Broward voters? Does Ceasar realize Brass is exposed to public scrutiny for the sake a cheap political ploy? Broward Democrats deserve better.

Broward voters deserve better.

Adam Brass deserves better.