Democrat Consultant Dan Lewis Stung By State Over “Blue Card” Scheme

Last week, the Florida Elections Commission(FEC) unanimously voted to fine a company owned by Broward Democrat consultant Dan Lewis for violations of Florida election law. The FEC investigation focused upon “blue cards” and “red cards” produced for the 2014 election by The Democracy Project, a fictitious entity created by Lewis’ STAR, Inc. In a 5-0 vote, […]

(VIDEO) Does The Late Dr. Nabil El-Sanadi Sound Paranoid In Voicemail To Broward Democrat Consultant?

Broward State Attorney Mike Satz Gets Democrat Challenger

Broward State Attorney Mike Satz has an opponent for the Democratic nomination. Last week, Teresa Elizabeth Williams kicked off her long-rumored campaign to be Broward’s top prosecutor. Satz has been Broward State Attorney since 1976. In September, Williams spoke to about the race. “I have lived in South Florida a long time. I know […]