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Ben Sorensen Made Fort Lauderdale Commission Candidate His Campaign Treasurer, Now He’s Facing Federal Fines

Ben Sorensen picked Fort Lauderdale Commission candidate Jacquelyn “Jackie” Scott as the treasurer for his US Congressional campaign. Now, he’s facing Federal fines after his campaign failed to file its financial report. Florida Politics broke the news last week that Sorensen missed the deadline to file his very first report with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

The missing report from Sorensen is the first the Democrat was required to file after joining the race for Florida’s 23rd Congressional District in April. He faces significant fines from the Federal Election Commission. The FEC calculates fines for late filing based on financial activity, raising and spending, during the covered time period. Missing multiple filings increases those fines.

—Florida Politics

Sorensen faces an uphill battle as he challenges Jared Moskowitz for the Democratic nomination to the CD 23 seat.

Perhaps Jackie Scott was too distracted by her race for the District 4 seat on the Fort Lauderdale City Commission. While Sorenson’s report was AWOL, Scott was touting how much money she raised on her social media accounts.

Instead of compiling Sorensen financial data, Jackie Scott was posting pictures with employees at Fort Lauderdale City Hall.

It appears Ben Sorensen chose poorly.

Will Fort Lauderdale District 4 voters make the same mistake in November?

Dan Lewis Endorses His Client AND His Personal Attorney In Same Race On “Fake” Blue Card

In his latest “blue card” mailer, Democrat consultant Dan Lewis endorsed a paying client and his own personal attorney in a Broward County Court race. Released over the weekend, the card endorsed both Samuel Lopez and Kim Mollica in the Group 14 judicial race. Local Democrats were quick to label Lewis’ card as a “fake” and a “fraud.” Some singled out Mollica, a Republican, for appearing on a Democrat endorsement card.

According to Broward Supervisor of elections records, Mollica paid nearly $48,000 to Dan Lewis’ JNAC Communications & Management, LLC. This included a $45, 331.83 payment on July 26 for “postage and brochure.” In defending his latest campaign ploy, Lewis was quick to say no candidate paid to appear on the card.

“Nobody can buy their way onto The Blue Card. I’m paid to do what I do.  The Blue Card isn’t part of that and it is not for sale,” Lewis said. “You can’t hire me to get on The Blue Card.”


A prominent Mollica supporter told REDBROWARD he was surprised to see Lewis’ co-endorsement of Samuel Lopez.

Did Mollica know Samuel Lopez represents Dan Lewis and his wife in an ongoing legal battle in Broward County courts? Supervisor of Elections records show Lopez has spent just $10,000 in his campaign. There are no payments to Lewis or his companies.

Perhaps Lewis was aware this issue would come back to sting him. Lewis told the Miami Herald, “People hire me for specific purposes.” Lewis said, “Just because I sell data or sell some advisory things to campaigns doesn’t exclude me from offering or doing what I think.”

Sorry Kim, you paid Dan Lewis for consulting, postage and brochures. Obviously that did not include his loyalty.