Plantation Mayoral Candidate Bart Berger Is “Outraged” At Politicians Except His Consultant Who Was Jailed For Misusing Campaign Funds

In a Facebook video posted Wednesday morning, Plantation Mayoral candidate Bart Berger took a swipe at his opponents, equating them as “blood sucking insects.” Berger said “outrage” over spending taxpayer money on lawyers and consultants drove him to run for mayor. Claiming to be a simple businessman, Berger said a vote for him will defeat, […]

“Rogue” Broward Commissioner Owns Websites For County Trade Expo

Broward County Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness owns websites for an International Trade and Cultural Expo he hoped would be funded with taxpayer dollars. In June 2014, Holness asked the County Commission to support the Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo (FITCE) with funding used to celebrate the County’s Centennial celebration. Holness needed his fellow Commissioners’ […]

Broward Booby Prize: Local Strip Joints Fund Stacy Ritter Campaign

We’re not sure if it was in singles, but in March two local strip clubs gave big campaign contributions to Broward Commissioner Stay Ritter’s re-election campaign. On March 12, 2012, P.T.G Entertainment Inc of Pompano Beach, better known as “THE BOOBY TRAP”, gave Ms. Ritter a $500.00 contribution. On that same day, Faneuil Entertainment Inc, […]