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Sun-Sentinel Editor Steve Bousquet Takes REDBROWARD “With A Grain Of Salt” As He Cites Our Reporting In Yet Another Endorsement Video

Here you go again. Sun-Sentinel Opinion Editor Steve Bousquet takes a shot at REDBROWARD while citing our reporting during an interview with the City of Tamarac mayoral candidates. Bousquet, a resident of Tallahassee, said he takes REDBROWARD “with a grain of salt” before asking Elberg Mike Gelin about his desire to run for Broward County Commission. On September 22, 2022 we detailed Gelin’s Facebook Live interview with a Honduran immigrant rights group.

The Facebook interviewer asked Gelin if running for mayor was part of his future plans. Gelin said he was currently running for mayor. But then, Gelin’s face lit up when he said really wanted to be a Broward County Commission. Gelin made no mention of his plans for Tamarac if he became Mayor. Instead, he explained how a Broward County Commissioner had jurisdiction over multiple cities.

Gelin tried to qualify his comments but stating a run for County Commission could be eight or ten years down the road. Gelin told Bousquet he did not plan on challenging popular Broward County Mayor Michael Udine for the District 3 seat.

Elberg Mike Gelin Facebook Interview

But Gelin’s track record shows he is not a patient politician. Many political insiders were shocked when Gelin decided to challenge the popular incumbent Mayor Michelle Gomez.


For some reason, Steve Bousquet failed to accurately describe our report. He said REDBROWARD “claimed” Gelin’s desire to seek higher office was based on a Facebook post. No, it was based on a live interview of Gelin on Facebook. REDBROWARD included Gelin’s exact quotes as well as a video clip of Gelin’s comments. The clip was included in our report and our YouTube channel.

This reporter knows they get YouTube in Tallahassee and Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

In the 1970s, Bousquet was a fixture on WPLG Channel 10 news with local news legends like Ann Bishop, Dwight Lauderdale and Molly Turner. Since then, he’s covered establishment politics in Tallahassee for various newspapers before being named opinion editor for the Sun-Sentinel. Guess no Broward based reporters applied for the job.

Earlier this week, we shared another example of Bousquet’s snark towards REDBROWARD. We welcome criticism and snark. You should take everything you read with a healthy dose of salt.

It just seems odd that Bousquet takes shots at an outlet he repeatedly cites in his endorsement videos. Perhaps Steve should come join our field trips to commission meetings in Tamarac, Plantation, Pompano Beach or Fort Lauderdale. Things have really changed since the 1970s.

And don’t worry Steve, we won’t tell Judy Stern.

REDBROWARD reached out to Steve Bousquet for comment. He did not respond.