REDBROWARD STRIKES AGAIN? Sun-Sentinel Editor Says “Somebody” Is Reading “This Blog” While Questioning Pompano Beach Candidate

Sun-Sentinel Opinion Editor Steve Bousquet dismissed REDBROWARD as a blog read by “somebody” in an interview with candidates for the Pompano Beach City Commission. Bousquet, a Tallahassee resident, asked Alison Fournier about her Facebook post where she mocked the BSO Citizens Observer Patrol volunteer program as a “shit show.” Fournier said, “we would all be safer with less 80 year olds on the street.”

Fournier failed to explain her post. Instead, Bousquet allowed Fournier to complain about attacks on her husband and kids. Fournier lamented the “personal attacks” took the focus off real issues. Bousquet remained silent as Fournier laughably claimed this reporter was “weaponized” by mysterious forces.

We love a good dose of snark, but Bousquet’s attitude towards REDBROWARD seemed misplaced. Judging from their interviews, the “somebody” reading this blog appears to be the editors and reporters of the Sun-Sentinel.

Days before the Fournier interview, REDBROWARD was cited during their interview with Broward School Board candidate Allen Zeman. Last week, our reporting was mentioned during the Sun-Sentinel interview with the Tamarac mayoral candidates. In July, the Sun-Sentinel referenced REDBROWARD in its refusal to endorse Broward County Commissioner Hazelle Rogers.

So why the snark? Maybe Bousquet spends too much time chatting with salami sandwich doyenne Judy Stern?

We asked Steve Bousquet for comment. He did not respond.

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