“Overtly:” Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Offers Support, Money To City Commission Candidates In Email

Just when you think Tamarac politics cannot get any crazier….

In an email obtained by REDBROWARD, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton offered his overt support as well as a campaign donation to multiple Tamarac commission candidates. Bolton laughably claimed the offer came in his “personal capacity” even though email was sent from “commissionermarlonbolton@gmail.com.” In addition to his personal support, Bolton told candidates they would be vying for a donation from his Friends of Marlon Bolton PAC.

Bolton stated those seeking a formal endorsement would have to go through an interview process which includes filling out a questionnaire. But Bolton’s solicitation goes beyond a normal interview.

Bolton included “ideas” of discussion items. This ideas were canvassing, yard signs and fundraising. These type of topics are usually discussed with potential campaign managers not mere endorsers.

Several candidates told REDBROWARD they rejected Bolton’s overtures.

Why would candidates fill out a questionnaire for Bolton when he has supported allies like Elberg Mike Gelin and Stuart Michelson?

Why do the opposition research for your opponents?

Is Marlon Bolton soliciting campaign work?

REDBROWARD documented Bolton’s covert role in numerous past elections.

REDBROWARD asked Marlon Bolton for comment. He has not responded.

Here is Marlon Bolton’s email to Tamarac candidates.

Hello Candidates:

My name is Marlon Bolton and I am the District 1 Commissioner for the City of Tamarac and Chair of Friends of Marlon Bolton PAC. Congratulations on your candidacy. I will keep this email short and to the point.

Some of you have asked me for help in my personal capacity. I have had some time to think about this and have decided to help each and everyone of you in any way that you ask for help as long as I am available and able. My cell phone number is (xxx)xxx-xxxx. I am committed to overtly supporting your efforts, until I formally endorse a candidate, irrespective of who you are and, I am available IMMEDIATELY as long as you commit to participating in the endorsement interview.

Here are some ideas:

— Canvassing

— Planting Yard Signs

— Fundraising, etc

Speaking of endorsement, my PAC will be hosting an endorsement interview sometime in October. Our endorsement carries lots of support and a generous donation. Please respond to this email to let me know if your are interested and I will send you the questionnaire in a few days. The interview will be fun, professional and positive.

Deadline to respond is Tuesday, October 4th, 2022. If you wish not to participate, I understand.

Best wishes on your new journey and I will see you on the turf.


2 thoughts on ““Overtly:” Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton Offers Support, Money To City Commission Candidates In Email

  1. Captain Redbeard Rum

    Does Bolton’s endorsement include the support of his “friends at TRAPEZE CLUB”? (See imgur[dot]com/a/L7rTntm)



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