Pompano Beach Candidate Alison Fournier Mocked Senior Citizen Safety Patrol As A “Sh*t Show,” Said “We Would All Be Safer With Less 80 Year Olds On The Street”

Alison Fournier Would Feel Safer With Less Seniors On The Streets of Pompano Beach.
Citizen Observer Patrol volunteers (courtesy BSO)

Pompano Beach City Commission District 3 candidate Alison Fournier called a senior citizen safety patrol a “shit show“ while proclaiming “we would all be safer with less 80 year olds on the street.” Fournier’s remarks accompanied a photograph of two senior citizens driving a Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Citizen Observer Patrol car. The longtime BSO program trains volunteers to perform various services across Broward County.

According to the BSO website, the Citizens Observer Patrol (COP) helps prevent crimes before they even occur. The COP Program is a “volunteer group sponsored by the Sheriff’s Office that uses a simple approach to safeguarding neighborhoods through residents’ involvement. COP volunteers are local residents who help BSO fight crime by patrolling their community, looking out for suspicious activity or potential hazards and offering assistance to local residents.” Some of the duties of COP volunteers include, “include performing checks on unoccupied residences (at the owner’s request), checking on elderly or homebound residents (as requested) and reporting potential problems and neighborhood hazards to BSO.”

After undergoing rigorous background checks and four hours of training, COP volunteers wear uniforms and drive marked vehicles.

In February 2015, Alison Fournier snapped a photograph of two COP volunteers in their marked vehicle. Fournier wrote, “Back in South Florida…personally, I think we would all be safer with less 80 year olds on the street. I hope my tax dollars are not contributing to this shit show.”

Clearly, her Ivy League education did not teach Fournier to respect her elders. While her campaign biography lists the name of her high school, it simply states she “pursued bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering and business.” Ms. Fournier attended Princeton and Harvard.

You would think such a highly-educated person would recognize the value of senior citizens helping law enforcement keep Pompano Beach safe.

Pompano Beach is home to a large senior citizen population. A simple fact Fournier must surely know.

Now, Fournier’s post is hurting Pompano Beach seniors. A tipster tells REDBROWARD that a senior COP volunteer was in tears after she heard about Fournier’s views.

REDBROWARD wanted to ask Alison Fournier about her views on senior citizens driving on the streets of Pompano Beach.

Fournier said she had “no recollection” making the Facebook post. Fournier claimed she had not been on Facebook “in years.” After hinting that someone else made the post, Fournier hung up.

Fournier, a former Democrat, is the latest left-leaning South Florida politician mocking senior citizens. Earlier this month, REDBROWARD reported how Tamarac mayoral candidate Elberg Mike Gelin lamented the large numbers of senior residents in his city while addressing an auditorium filled with hundreds of senior citizens.

Fournier is challenging Pompano Beach Commissioner Tom McMahon this November.

8 thoughts on “Pompano Beach Candidate Alison Fournier Mocked Senior Citizen Safety Patrol As A “Sh*t Show,” Said “We Would All Be Safer With Less 80 Year Olds On The Street”

  1. Concerned Pompano Resident

    Big yikes! How can you talk like that about our senior citizens?? and volunteers nonetheless!! Alison is a flip flopper too. told me she was a democrat and told my neighbor she was a republican. DONT NEW YORK MY FLORIDA ALISON!


    1. Horizon Legal

      Yet, Alison Fournier, is the Commissioner of District 3 in Pompano Beach LOL, and your, redbroward misguided effort to create controversy where the genesis lies in a FICTITIOUS SOCIAL MEDIA POST, where HER IDENTITY WAS COUNTERFEITED to create has only bolstered her, NOW ELECTED & SERVING. Nice touch with the FAKE NEIGHBOR, would of lent toward the slightest credibility if they actually replied, attested to your post. She has disputed multiple times – but unserving facts are irrelevant to the SINGULAR AGENDA BIASED (PURPOSELESS) LIKE YOURSELVES.

      Alison, is not only a wife, mother, but granddaughter too, absolutely adores, respects loves and appreciates her grandma, now 94 – as well as ALL that helped build our COUNTRY. Amongst an array of Constituent / COPB issues, she within her scope is helping not only SENIORS, but the most vulnerable of their kind, THE DISABLED to navigate the often bureaucratic terrain of city administration for the GREATER GOOD of EVERYONE. You should drop to your knees and thank GOD that this brilliant professional, entrepreneur, survivor, and leader has your life in her hands! Many Thanks, Commish!!


  2. Gary Axelrod

    Who is behind this “redbroward” organization and why did they go the trouble of digging up something she said 7 years ago? I have no for the left but this smells like a hit oiece.


    1. Stephanie Kienzle

      You do realize that when you run for office, everything you say, post, tweet, breathe, is fair game, right? If you don’t know that, hang out at Twitter for a while and see what I mean.

      RedBroward is the best news source in Broward County, bar none. Come for the stories, stay for the enlightenment.


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