Karma? Pompano Beach Candidate Alison Fournier Picked Up Two Traffic Tickets After Declaring “We Would All Be Safer With Less 80 Year Olds On The Street“

Alison Fournier

In the months following her declaration Pompano Beach “Would be safer with less 80 year olds on the street,” City Commission candidate Alison Fournier picked up two separate traffic tickets, public records show. Yesterday, REDBROWARD exposed Fournier’s February 2015 Facebook post criticizing the BSO Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) program as a “shit show.” Fournier posted a photograph of two senior citizens driving a marked COP car in Pompano Beach.

Fournier told REDBROWARD she had “no recollection” of making the social media post.

It appears Fournier, then 34 years old, believed senior citizens driving on the streets of Pompano Beach posed a hazard to other residents.

But public records show Alison Fournier may have been a bigger road hazard to Broward residents.

In September 2015, Alison Fournier was ticketed by Coral Springs Police for “violation of traffic control device.” According to the ticket, Fournier ignored a “right turn only“ sign and made a left turn near the Coral Square Mall.

In July 2016, Fournier was ticketed by BSO for “failure to display vehicle registration.” While the charge usually covers an expired vehicle registration, Fournier may have caught a break from the BSO deputy. The bottom of the ticket includes a notation that Fournier was “warned on moving violation.” What was the moving violation?

How does Alison Fournier’s driving record match up against the records of the senior citizens of the Citizens Observer Patrol?

Who makes the streets of Pompano Beach safer?

Perhaps the senior citizens of the Pompano Beach Citizen Observer Patrol could give Fournier a few safe driving tips?

Fournier, a former Democrat, is challenging Pompano Beach Commissioner Tom McMahon in November.

Alison Fournier Said “We Would All Be Safer With Less 80 Year Olds On The Streets”
Alison Fournier Called The Senior Citizens/Citizen Observer Patrol “A Shit Show”

2 thoughts on “Karma? Pompano Beach Candidate Alison Fournier Picked Up Two Traffic Tickets After Declaring “We Would All Be Safer With Less 80 Year Olds On The Street“

  1. Captain Redbeard Rum

    Tom, if you’re interested in politico traffic tickets, take a look at Broward County case number 18031950TI20A. According to the officer notes: “AFTER BEING HANDED CIT, DRIVER STATED, ‘JUST REPRINT IT AND MAKE A MISTAKE ON IT’ I ASKED IF HE SAID THAT SO HE COULD FIGHT THE TICKET AND WIN, HE SMIRKED AT ME AND LAUGHED BUT DIDNT STATE ANYTHING.”

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  2. Constance

    My Aunt who was in her 80’s was one of those ladies who were on neighborhood patrol in conjunction with the local police in Rochester, NY a number of years ago. She got so many awards for her Patrol duty. People in the neighborhood respected her and no one messed with her. She was no pushover. This Alison Fournier just wrecked her career. I can’t imagine Pompano Beach residents voting for such a biased racist person like her. Wait till she gets to be a senior citizen. I got a feeling she is going to have a lot of karma coming back on her. She is so arrogant!



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