City officials across the county were shocked when new Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott told them the price tag for the 2022 elections would increase by up to 400 percent. REDBROWARD obtained an email thread of local city clerks discussing the shocking April 1, 2021 news from Scott. While the costs were shocking, these clerks were stunned by the lack of specific reasons and details from Joe Scott.

Lauderdale Lakes usually pays $10,000 for an election. Joe Scott told them the bill for the 2022 election would be $46,600. Scott failed to provide a “breakdown of charges.”

Cooper City paid $14,000 for the last election. Joe Scott said the 2022 election would cost $58,000 an increase of more than 300 percent. “I’m hoping it’s wrong,” A Cooper City official said.

According to Sunrise officials, the estimate for the 2022 election is $115,000 more than the 2020 election. “Yes, $115,000,” the official said.

“My actual estimate was was $148,700,” the Sunrise official said. “Maybe it’s an April Fools joke?”

The City of Lauderhill received a $102,000 estimate for the 2022 election. This is a 75 percent increase over 2020 elections costs.

Election costs for the City of Tamarac will go from $25,000 to $114,000.

A City of Hollywood official wrote, “My estimate was $223,900, my 2020 election was $49,600. Over 351% increase.”

Southwest Ranches residents will see a 400 percent increase for the 2022.

One clerk joked, “Maybe they’re buying new office furniture…”

Another clerk responded, “It’s more like a new building.”


One clerk gave details from a meeting where Joe Scott attempted to explain the huge increases. Scott blamed previous Supervisors of Elections for failing to pass along the true costs of elections, but he gave no specifics.

One week later, the Broward Municipal Clerks Association sent a letter to Joe Scott regarding these price increases. The Association refers to a promised “reassessment” of the cost increases. In addition to this reassessment, the clerks asked for “the formula or methodology that was used to establish the revised costs.”

Forcing local taxpayers to pay insane costs for elections with no explanation of the costs doesn’t sound like something a West Point graduate would do.

Why the lack of transparency?

Did Joe Scott get bad advice from Dale Holness?

Published by Tom Lauder

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