Broward Supervisor Of Elections Joe Scott Paid Big Bucks For Help From Cronies Of Marlon Bolton & Dale Holness

Broward Supervisor Of Elections Joe Scott and Dale Holness
Dale Holness & Omar Smith

Broward Supervisor Of Elections Joe Scott won his election with the help of political operatives tied to Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton (D-Bully) and Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, records show. Earlier, REDBROWARD revealed a November 2020 video of Joe Scott telling members of the Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach church that he would not have won his race without the help of his “brother” Marlon Bolton. Now, it appears Scott had help from the political team of Bolton’s mentor, Dale Holness.

Campaign records show Joe Scott received numerous contributions of members of Team Dale Holness. Miramar Commissioner Yvette Colburne gave $350 to the Scott campaign. Tamarac Commissioner Elberg Mike Gelin gave $250 to the cause. Forecast Holdings LLC, a company owned and operated by Marlon Bolton, gave $500 to the new Supervisor of Elections.

In January 2020, Joe Scott received a $500 contribution from the “advertising agency” known as Happy Feet Advertising.

In March 2021, REDBROWARD exposed Marlon Bolton’s close ties to Happy Feet Advertising.


Happy Feet Advertising LLC is owned by Trace N. Robinson of Margate. The mailing address for Happy Feet Advertising is listed as P.O. Box 451711 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33345.

State business records also show numerous companies owned by Marlon Bolton use the same post office box.

Florida business records show the same post office box address was used by Marlon Bolton since at least 2014. These businesses include Tyson Bolton and Associates, Forecast Holdings, LLC, Prophet Fire, and Win Without War. These same records show Marlon Bolton and Trace Robinson are business partners.

Records list Marlon Bolton and Trace Robinson as owners of The Driven Project, Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church, and South Florida Theological Seminary, Inc. The companies also use the same post office box.

Last year, Trace Robinson created the Broward Vision PAC political committee. The address for the PAC is the same post office box used by Bolton.

State of Florida campaign records show Broward Vision PAC paid $1,400 to Exy Consultants, a corporation created under the Happy Feet Advertising LLC name by Robinson. Exy Consultants used the same P.O. Box 451711 address as Marlon Bolton.

According to Tamarac campaign reports, Commissioner Marlon Bolton provided Happy Feet Advertising with its biggest payday. Reports show Bolton paid tens of thousands of dollars to Happy Feet Advertising during the 2020 election cycle.

REDBROWARD also revealed North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin paid Happy Feet Advertising during her 2020 campaign. Campaign treasurer reports show Martin paid $14,750 to Happy Feet during the 2020 election cycle.

Bolton and Martin refused to answer questions regarding Happy Feet Advertising.

Campaign records show Joe Scott paid $2,000 to Happy Feet Advertising in July 2020.

Was this the “help” Joe Scott referred to at the Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church event?


Records show Joe Scott paid for the services of Dale Holness’ highly controversial “campaign guru.” During the 2020 election cycle paid nearly $11,000 to “Flyer Smith,” a company owned by Omar Smith. Longtime REDBROWARD readers know Omar Smith’s role in numerous shady political committees which support Dale Holness and his allies.

Joe Scott paid $13,100 to Murry Robinson, another Dale Holness political operative.

In October 2018, REDBROWARD exposed how Omar Smith and Murry Robinson played major roles with the shady A Better Florida For All political committee.

Florida Division of Elections records listed Omar Smith as the treasurer of the “A Better Florida For All” political committee. Murry Robinson was featured on The A Better Florida For All website as the group’s political director. Fundraising events for the A Better Florida For All committee were held at Dale Holness’ real estate office in Plantation.

But, like most pro-Dale Holness political committees, A Better Florida For All had trouble following Florida elections laws.

In October 2018, Broward Beat wrote how four local judicial candidates appeared on an endorsement card produced by A Better Florida For All. The card promoted Democrat candidates most notably Andrew Gillum. Nevins wrote, “Four Broward lawyers running for judge could end up in trouble for appearing to violate state Code of Ethics for judicial candidates. Partisan appeals judicial candidates’ ads are forbidden by the Florida Supreme Court Code of Judicial Conduct. Joint advertising by judicial candidates is also prohibited.”

Omar Smith spoke to the Sun-Sentinel about the palm card controversy. Smith “insisted this week that none of the candidates were picked because of financial ties to the political action committee or to any of Smith’s businesses, which perform campaign services.”

“Those payments had nothing to do with his appearance on that flier,” Smith said.

In October 2018, the State of Florida revoked the registration of A Better Florida For All. Omar Smith failed to properly submit paperwork to the Florida Division Of Elections.

Since the committee was no longer a legal entity, legal steps were made to keep the card from being distributed to voters.

Broward Beat reported, “Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness and two Sunrise candidates have been threatened with legal action if they continue to distribute a phony endorsement card from a non-existing group.”

A Better Florida For All was not the only shady political committee tied to Dale Holness and Omar Smith.


In July 2018, REDBROWARD exposed Dale Holness’ ties to People of Principle PAC, a federal super PAC.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show People of Principle PAC was created by Charmalin Brown in January 2019. Brown used the address of a Margate UPS store as the headquarters for the political committee. In April 2019, Charmalin Brown purchased the domain name currently used by People Of Principle PAC.

State corporation records show Charmalin Brown, a tax preparer, started a business in 2006 using Omar Smith as her registered agent. Brown used a home on the 300 block of Berenger Walk in Royal Palm Beach as her business address. Numerous records show Omar Smith uses the same Berenger Walk address.

REDBROWARD called the telephone number listed on the People Of Principle PAC website. Omar Smith answered the telephone.

When asked why the committee did not file the legally required financial reports, Smith said, “Uh…not the treasurer. I just happened to answer the phone.” Smith would not reveal where the committee office was located. He said he has nothing to do with the People of Principle PAC. But he did admit to being behind the A Better Florida For All Committee.

When asked why he was in the People Of Principle offices, Smith said he was asked to answer the telephones. Smith would not say who asked him to answer the telephone calls.

Smith would not reveal if he works for any other candidates, besides Dale Holness, appearing on the People of Principle PAC materials.

Asked about any work for the People of Principle PAC, Smith said he “gave up the website” as an in-kind contribution. Smith would not reveal who he gave control over to.

When asked why he would not answer simple questions about his role or Dale Holness’ role in these materials, Smith said the People Of Principle PAC has “nothing to do with Mr. Holness.”

Five days after REDBROWARD exposed the close ties between People of Principle PAC and Dale Holness, individuals tied to Holness started the Stronger Together Florida political committee.

On July 20, 2020, Kayla Butler filed paperwork forming the Stronger Together Florida political with the Division of Elections in Tallahassee. According to the documents, the political committee is located at home on Barnstead Circle in Lake Worth, Florida. The telephone number for the committee is (754) 444-6117.

Campaign reports from the 2016 Broward election show Kayla Butler was a paid intern on the Dale Holness campaign even though she was living in Palm Beach. According to recent social media posts, Butler is a yoga instructor still living in Palm Beach county.

The telephone number for Stronger Together Florida is also found in State records regarding third party groups conducting voter registrations. The number is listed for “All Consulting And Marketing, Inc.” which conducted voter registration drives at 4325 W. Sunrise Blvd in Plantation since May, 2019.

This is the same address for All Broward Realty, Inc, a real estate company owned by Broward Mayor Dale Holness.

According to the State third party voter registration records and State corporate records, All Consulting And Marketing Inc. is owned by Richelle Holness, the daughter of Broward Mayor Dale Holness. State corporate records indicate the corporation was dissolved in September 2019 after failing to file its required corporate report.

State license records show Richelle Holness is a licensed real estate agent at All Broward Realty.

Broward election records listed Richelle Holness as the treasurer for Broward Mayor Dale Holness’ 2020 campaign.

On September 8, 2020, the Florida Division of Elections sent a “failure to file” letter to Butler after Stronger Together Florida failed to provide financial information regarding its activities.


In January, REDBROWARD reported how the People of Principle PAC solicited contributions from donors of Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony. These funds were allegedly used to support the late Congressman Alcee Hastings.

Did Joe Scott or his supporters help fund any of these shady political committees?

Is it possible Broward’s newest Supervisor of Elections got elected with the help of these shady political committees?

Isn’t this the total opposite of what a guy running Broward elections should do?

Say it ain’t so, Joe!

1 thought on “Broward Supervisor Of Elections Joe Scott Paid Big Bucks For Help From Cronies Of Marlon Bolton & Dale Holness

  1. Constance Wieschenberg

    Worried about our new Supervisor of Elections, that we might again be subjected to fishy stuff going on during voting, like we had with dear old Brenda ( remember she got caught by a volunteer filling out ballots behind closed doors) ( not the first time she was caught, but got away with it. Was allowed to resign with a large retirement and Oliphant before her, just as crooked. While checking up on Joe, I ran across your article which was so honest and informative. Thank you!
    Just knowing he has ties to Dale Holness was enough for me to know we have to watch this guy too! I don’t care if he is a West Point graduate. What put me over the edge is he told the Sun Sentinal he was for giving anyone who gets a drivers license automatic registration to vote! This of course would mean illegals could vote! I have already written to the Governor. This can’t happen, but I think they have already been doing it and have been for a long time! Thank you again!



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