CODE RED? Brenda Snipes’ Lawyer “Trying To Sound The Alarm Now” Over Low Democrat Turnout In Broward

The lawyer for former Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes is really worried about low Democrat voter turnout in Broward County. Burnadette Norris Weeks took to Facebook in order to “sound the alarm now” before Broward costs Democrats the White House.

In her Facebook post, Norris Weeks wrote:

Voter turnout is relatively low in Broward. We already know that the Broward SOE has said that he will not do any outreach whatsoever. However, WHAT IS THE LOCAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY DOING? WHERE IS THE PARTY? Asking for a friend.

As of Thursday morning, Norris Weeks’ post had 94 comments. Here are a few. Enjoy?

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