Brenda Snipes’ Lawyer On Election Day: “Humanity Is On The Ballot!!!”

On Election Day 2018, Brenda Snipes’ lawyer told her Facebook followers that “Humanity is on the ballot!!!” As REDBROWARD reported last week, Snipes’ attorney Burnadette Norris Weeks has been invisible during the post-election recount mess. While Norris Weeks works behind the scenes and gives comment to print media, Eugene Pettis has been the public face of Snipes’ office.

Plenty of political insiders wondered why Norris Weeks was out of sight during while Snipes’ election office is under siege. Perhaps Norris Weeks’ blatant support of Democrat gubernatorial candidate plays a role?

In an Election Day November 6, 2018 Facebook post Norris Weeks wrote “Humanity is on the ballot!!!”

Days earlier, Norris Weeks lauded controversial Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness for his hard work on behalf of Andrew Gillum.

Norris Weeks posted a picture of her and Andrew Gillum with the caption “praying for change.”

In October, Norris Weeks posted a picture from a 2012 “Souls To The Polls” event she co-hosted with Congressman Alcee Hastings(D-Impeached).

Over the last five years, REDBROWARD has documented the close ties between Dale Holness, Alcee Hastings and Burnadette Norris Weeks.

In other posts Norris Weeks said President Donald Trump was a pathological liar.

During debates, Norris Weeks said there was a “clear choice” between The gubernatorial candidates.” She wrote “Andrew is kicking his axx!”

Despite all the claims that Brenda Snipes’ office is “non-partisan” and ” not political” it’s clear her longtime attorney has a favorite in the race to be Florida’s next Governor.

Should a lawyer who is “praying” for the election of particular candidate be allowed near the recount? Especially when she stated “Humanity” depended on a certain outcome?

Can Snipes be trusted to be fair and impartial?

1 thought on “Brenda Snipes’ Lawyer On Election Day: “Humanity Is On The Ballot!!!”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    I have been saying since this election fiasco started the best move Dr.Snipes did was make Atty.Pettis lead council.I say this because every single case( majority) where Atty.Weeks represented Dr.Snipes office etc she has lost.Your topic above truly has merit.By the way her poor performance in representing Snipes is the residents are paying for it all.Weeks also encouraged Dr.Snipes etc to charge Ft.lau 250 grand( wait) when Charlotte Rodstrom ran for district comm and Dr.Snipes charged us 250 grand for( watch my wording) a district election.Not city wide but a district which should not have been more than 85grand.This orchestrated or encouraged by Weeks( yes) as pay back over how Charlotte husband treated Dr.Snipes as while Mr.Rodstrom was the rotated mayor at the time and Snipes was in the county comm.chambers and Rodstrom i mean blasted Snipes in regards to a bldg or new location for a new elections office.Oh he screamed at her from the dais.Yes it was inappropriate Dr.Snipes but u know damn well charging Ft.lau 250g was pay back over how her husband treated u.First go after the Rodstroms on your dime, not ours.Second Charlotte had nothing to do with it, except John is her husband.That was dirty and u know it.Judy Stern also played a hand in that maneuver as well.Just like Snipes right hand man allegedly gave Stern early voting tabs to discover her canidate was doing poorly.Sir ( Bellis) u r full of shit( and u know it) since one of my sources( there were 2) works down in there .Oh Bellis stated to city reporter Brittany Wallman when she inquired that oh that is not true and demanded from her where Mr.Walsh heard this( first if it wasn.t true- why the emphasis on who the source was( what so u could retaliate).Now do u see why i stress why its not Dr.Snipes performance rather people she has in her management staff.With all this drama Dr.Snipes should resign after the recount is done.And she should terminate both above mentioned people.Now u get it.No i get these protesters my age( 50ties) with their big mouths being lead and or encouraged by the Grand Wizard( Scott local atty.Bill Scherer).Oh come on your an opportunist.Plain and simple.With your more money than God and more connections than Kissinger u then sing like a canary on national tv( CNN, FOX) and opposing side Mitch Burger ( is it) is just as bad.Take your pick.My take.Snipes needs to step aside after recount.Protesters( against Snipes) need to get a job and Burger and Scherer need to prioritize the cases they take…Lastly Sen.Nelson and Gullium you lost.Move.on.You all of u every above mentioned are costing the resident county tax payers a fortune…That means u Grand Wizard.U Burger.U Dr.Sniped.Weeks and that sneaky creep Fred Bellis( Snipes right hand man)….Next…



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