Another Brenda Snipes Flashback: Broward County Creates Phantom District to Allow Illegal Voting


Broward County has assigned more than 2,000 voters to a phantom voting district, including hundreds who illegally list a UPS box as their residence. The phantom voting district, listed as the Broward Government Center in downtown Fort Lauderdale, includes nearly 800 voters who illegally list a UPS box as their place of residence.

According to Florida Statute 97.053, voter applicants must provide their “legal residence address.” The official Florida Voter Registration form specifically asks for “Legal Residence-no P.O. Box.” On the Broward Supervisor of Elections website, citizens are told valid applications must include, “Full Name, Date of Birth, Address of Legal Residence (address where you live), Florida Drivers License number or Florida ID card, or the last four digits of Social Security number and signature.”

Last November, a Media Trackers Florida investigation found 1,128 registered voters in Broward County illegally listed a UPS box as the place where they live.

Media Trackers Florida discovered 46 people, including an aide to Broward Commissioner Chip LaMarca, used 4613 North University Drive as the address on their voter registration card. This is the address for UPS Store #3748, located at the Pine Ridge Square shopping center. More than half of the people claiming to actually live at the UPS store voted last November.

Now, the Broward County Supervisor of Elections has placed nearly 800 of these UPS store voters in precinct Z073. Their UPS store addresses have been changed to addresses which do not exist. The street address is listed as “102 Governmental Center.” The city is listed as “County” in the “99999” zip code.  The Supervisor of Elections office is located in room 102 at the Broward Government Center.

The Supervisor of Elections office has classified these people as active and eligible to vote.

In a precinct list released in January of 2014, the supervisor of elections office stated precinct Z073 had just 666 voters. Today, an elections office spokesperson told Media Trackers Florida the number is closer to 2,400 people. The spokesperson said this precinct is used for voters who may be living outside the country. Also, the spokesperson said the Supervisor of Election may move voters into this precinct when mail from the Supervisor of Elections to a voter is returned by the U.S. Post Office.

The spokesperson did not know whether any of the 800 UPS Store voters were under investigation for voter fraud. She said the Supervisor of Elections does not conduct investigations.

A review of the 800 voters’ current information shows many list their “mailing address” as locations outside the state of Florida. Some mailing addresses are located in the United Kindgom, the Phillipines, Jamaica, the Virgin Islands, the Dutch Antilles, Belgium and the Bahamas.

While this information may not raise red flags at elections offices, it did catch the attention of Gregg Prentice, a Hillsborough county IT consultant. Prentice discovered more than 3,000 Florida voters were registered to vote at UPS stores. Prentice told Media Trackers Florida that he shared his findings with state and local officials in the hope that changes would be made before the November 2014 election.

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