Brenda Snipes Flashback: Over 1000 Broward Residents Registered To Vote Using UPS Store Addresses

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED November 2013 at media

More than 1,000 registered voters in Broward County unlawfully listed United Parcel Service (UPS)  boxes as the address where they live, official records show.

According to Florida Statute 97.053, voter applicants must provide their “legal residence address.” The official Florida Voter Registration form specifically asks for “Legal Residence-no P.O. Box.” On the Broward Supervisor of Elections website, citizens are told valid applications must include, “Full Name, Date of Birth, Address of Legal Residence (address where you live), Florida Drivers License number or Florida ID card, or the last four digits of Social Security number and signature.”

Despite the clear instructions, a Media Trackers Florida investigation found 1,128 registered voters in Broward County listed a UPS box as the place where they live.

4613 North University Drive is the address of UPS Store #3748, located at the Pine Ridge Square shopping center. Forty-six people are registered to vote at this address. More than half of them voted last November.

Also in Coral Springs, there are 20 active voters registered at UPS Store #3996 on Coral Ridge Drive. Another Coral Springs UPS Store has 40 active voters.

A review of voter records show the problem exists at UPS Stores throughout Broward County. Sixty-three active voters are registered at a UPS Store in Hollywood. Sixty-eight active voters are registered to vote at the UPS Store in Fort Lauderdale. The Hallandale Beach UPS Store has 115 registered voters. Voters unlawfully registered at each location likely cast ballots during the November 2012 elections.

A spokesperson for the Broward County elections office said the system for new applicants will raise a flag if it detects a non-residential address. The spokesperson said the Supervisor of Elections office also periodically tries to identify voters using non-residential addresses. When election officials discover a registered voter listing a non-residential address, they send the voter a letter asking him or her to resolve the matter. Nevertheless, more than 1,000 people remain unlawfully registered to vote at UPS stores throughout Broward County.

2 thoughts on “Brenda Snipes Flashback: Over 1000 Broward Residents Registered To Vote Using UPS Store Addresses

  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    Hold on here with your witch hunt against Dr.Snipes.Yes, the majority with merit.However, u can use a pobox or ups address on your filings for the voter card specifically for your mailing address.If u turn the voter card over it will state the district u physically reside in.Also where u actually vote.So yes your mailing address can be different than where u actually physically reside.In other words alot of people don.t get mail where they live.They opt to have their mail delievered to abpobox and or UPs station as in my case 401 E.Las Olas because working 10 to 12 hrs. when your not home its risky leaving your mail unattended.The ramifications Robert from working im out of town 4 or 5 days a week.To be crystal clear your mailing address can be different than your actual physical residence.Plus when u go down to the SOE office here in Broward or in any other county in Florida Dr.Snipes and or any other Supervisor of Elections she or any other supervisor cannot come running out and contest or give u a hard time or demand prove of residency etc.Yes she cannot state prove this or that show me this or that.However, if a person Joe Smow etc can very easily file a complaint to investigate a voter id card.Then Snipes or any other SOE can then administer a hearing to revoke a voting card.So bottom line unless a complaint is registered with the validity of a registered voter can she step in.They notify the voter under question etc , they publish name etc in the paper and then u will get a letter in the mail stating your voting status is suspect and our given a hearing date.With all this drama asc.with Dr.Snipes after the recount she should resign in order to establish some kind of norm down there.To much drama and excess baggage.It would be the best avenue for the county redidents that Dr.Snipes steps down.That being stated.Some of u protesters with your big mouths and disrespect the only resaon u thing u r justified and or this free pass to attempt to humiliate and harass Dr.Sniped is not only because she is Black is because she is a woman.( shame on u).If this was some male , esp.Wasp u wouldn.t say boo and u know it.Again its not Dr.Snipes its her managerial staff that need to go.( Bellis.Weeks etc- show them the door.).To close again with all these indescrapicies its best after recount Dr.Sniped retires…


    1. Tom Lauder Post author

      Sorry, no witch hunting here. The story was originally published 5 years ago. We verified that the UPS addresses were used as actual addresses not just mailing addresses. One would think Snipes’ office would be able to flag these addresses before sending a ballot. They did not. And this reporting has NOTHING to do with her gender.



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