CAUGHT ON VIDEO! Broward School Member Rosalind Osgood Making Bogus Partisan Claims Against Laurie Rich Levinson Opponent

The Laurie Rich Levinson campaign is desperate to turn her non-partisan Broward School Board race into a politics-as-usual smear campaign. One of Levinson’s biggest backers is her fellow school board member Rosalind Osgood. While campaigning for Levinson at the West Regional Library in Plantation, Osgood posted multiple live videos on Facebook.

In one video (since pulled down) Osgood makes multiple claims that Levinson’s opponent, Dr. Richard Mendelson, is telling voters he is a “proud Republican.” Candidates in the non-partisan races are not supposed to discuss their party registration.

Just one problem. Mendelson wasn’t in Plantation. Also, Mendelson doesn’t discuss politics with voters. The Mendelson campaign repeatedly states this race is not about partisan politics.

REDBROWARD obtained a video of a Broward voter asking Mendelson supporters about his party affiliation. “I don’t vote for Republicans,” the voter said. The supporters included Ray and Johanna Feis, the younger siblings of slain Marjory Stoneman Douglas hero Aaron Feis.

They repeatedly tell the Davie voter that the race is non-partisan.

In a final desperate maneuver, a Laurie Rich Levinson supporter approaches the trio to tell her Mendelson is a Republican. The supporter was identified as Daniel Levinson, the son of Laurie Rich Levinson.

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  1. Laura Edwards says:

    So Levinson’s son is caught on tape violating the rule that Osgood was all upset about. It’s pathetic to see such blatant disrespect and childish tactics being perpetrated by the Levinson campaign. She has lost votes just on this behavior alone.


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