Did Laurie Rich Levinson Campaign Taunt Opponents Over MSD Eagle Statue?

Over nine days of early voting it became perfectly clear the Laurie Rich Levinson campaign did not want voters to hear from survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shootings. In Weston, Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) deputies were repeatedly called by Levinson supporters over bogus complaints regarding supporters of her opponent Dr. Richard Mendelson. One of his biggest supporters is Andrew Pollack, father of MSD student Meadow Pollack. In Davie, Mendelson was joined all week by the brother and sister of MSD hero Aaron Feis.

As REDBROWARD previously reported, Johanna Feis claimed the spouse of the Broward School Member, Neil Levinson screamed in her face over discussions with voters. Laterin the week, Mr. Levinson was replaced by his son Daniel Levinson and a team of Broward Teacher Union flunkies. REDBROWARD published video showing Daniel Levinson telling voters about Mendelson’s alleged party affiliation.

But the lowest point came on Sunday. All week, the Mendelson campaign has displayed items celebrating the lives lost at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. These items included a photographs, a football helmet, a graduation stole and a trophy bearing the image of an eagle, the MSD mascot.

According to Johanna Feis, the eagle trophy was given to family members at graduation.

The Levinson campaign set up a tent and table directly across from the MSD display. During the week, the table displayed mail pieces and handouts. But on Sunday, a bird statue appeared at the center of the table. It appeared to be a duck statue.

The Feis family saw the display as desperate, low-class taunt from the Laurie Rich Levinson campaign. On Twitter, Feis wrote:

2018 MSD Graduation. We were given an Eagle statue that Read. ‘Always In Our Hearts MSD Strong’ Today they decided to bring out this …… looks like they have Eagle envy.”

Stay classy, Team Levinson.

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