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Andrew Pollack: MSD Security Monitor Came Face To Face With Shooter, Hid In Closet

At a Coral Springs book signing, Andrew Pollack (Why Meadow Died) revealed new information about the tragic events at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. Pollack’s daughter Meadow was among the 17 people killed in February 2017. As part of his wrongful death lawsuit against the Broward School District, Pollack deposed numerous school employees.

Pollack told a large crowd at Barnes & Noble about a deposition last week of school monitor David Taylor.

Previous published reports documented how school safety monitor Andrew Medina warned Taylor that N.C. was on campus. “Medina radioed another coach and security monitor, David Taylor, about Cruz, saying ‘keep your eyes open.’ When Taylor heard gunfire, he hid in a janitor’s closet.”

According to Pollack, when Taylor received the call from Medina, he left his location on the second floor. When Taylor arrived on the first floor, he came face to face with the shooter. Pollack said surveillance video shows the shooter had yet to take his gun from his bag when Taylor arrived on the first floor.

Instead of calling for help or confronting N.C., Taylor ran and hid in a second floor closet.

Even though Taylor was in that closet with radio and his cell phone, he never called in a Code Red. Taylor remained silent when the gunfire triggered the fire alarm. Taylor cowered in silence when a school principal ordered an evacuation due to the fire alarm.

Parkland Father Urges Boycott Over City Furniture Mogul’s Support Of Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie


On the day Governor Ron DeSantis removed Broward Sheriff Scott Israel from office, Andrew Pollack took no victory lap. Thrust into the role of reformer after the murder of his daughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Pollack was Scott Israel’s most vocal critic. Yet, just minutes after the Governor announced the move at a Fort Lauderdale press conference, Pollack had a message for Broward reporters–“Tell Runcie I’m coming for him next.”

Pollack is determined to force accountability on everyone in Broward County for the failings which led to the February 2018 massacre in Parkland. While Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie and the Broward School Board top his list, Pollack is focused on the local business establishment supporting Runcie.

Last year, local leaders and business owners urged voters to reject School Board candidates who opposed Runcie. One of those prominent leaders was City Furniture CEO Keith Koenig.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, Koenig gave a strong defense of Runcie on Facebook. “Graduation rates are up. A, B, and C school ratings are way up and D and F ratings are way down to only four schools from over 20 in years past. Technology is in more classrooms than ever, thanks to the $800 million bond issue that Runcie personally worked his tail off to get approved,” wrote Keith Koenig, chair of the Broward Workshop, a nonprofit group composed of county business leaders. “Bob [Runcie] is a tireless worker that is dedicated to making Broward County Public Schools better and better. … Our 260,000 Broward County students and parents need a great superintendent and school board, which we have. Please let them do their job.”

If you disagree with Keith Koenig, Andrew Pollack wants you to show up this Saturday between 10am and 12pm at the City Furniture store located at 6701 Hiatus Road In Tamarac.

If you cannot attend Saturday’s rally, Pollack urges you to show your displeasure with Koenig by posting comments on the City Furniture Yelp and Google Review pages.