Playing Hooky? Broward Teachers Union Will Pay Teachers To Skip Class On Election Day

In another desperate maneuver to protect incumbent school board members, the Broward Teachers Union (BTU) wants teachers to skip school. Instead the union wants teachers to work the polls. In a message to members, BTU vice president Bernie Kemp says any teacher willing to skip school to work the polls on Tuesday will be paid $150 for their efforts. Kemp says they will pass out literature for BTU endorsed candidates like Laurie Rich Levinson.

Kemp tells union members they will have help at polls. Judging from last week, the help will include paid day workers who are not teachers. BTU hired vans to shuttle these paid laborers from polling place to polling place.

If your kids don’t get homework tomorrow you’ll know why. For BTU leaders like Ana Fusco and Bernie Kemp it’s politics over students.a

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