Unhinged Part 2: Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Says Sexism Behind Sign Removal

The latest rantings from Lighthouse Point Mayoral candidate Maria Corvaia O’Donnell center around her obsession with her campaign signs.  REDBROWARD obtained an audio recording of calls between the Lighthouse Point Police Department and O’Donnell on February 13, 2017. A dispatcher with the LHP PD placed five phone calls to Maria O’Donnell to inform her the public works department had removed 14 signs from the public right of way. Like many cities such as Plantation and Coral Springs, Lighthouse Point was holding the signs until the campaign could retrieve them.

Of course, Maria O’Donnell saw a grand conspiracy at work.

When told the signs were removed from the public “right of way,” O’Donnell said, “I don’t know what a right of way means?” O’Donnell asked how many of of her opponent’s signs were picked up. Then Maria O’Donnell demanded to speak to the Chief of Police. “I don’t like these tactics. Who do you report to?” she said.

At one point during the third phone call, Maria O’Donnell stops to yell at her children. “I am on the phone with these people,” she said. “They are attacking me! So give me a break!”

O’Donnell tells the dispatcher, “I’ve got a huge mess over here. You know you caused a lot of stress for this family. We’re a Lighthouse Point family. What are you guys trying to do to us?”

During the fourth phone, attorney Maria O’Donnell plays the sexism card. She tells the female dispactcher, “I feel discriminated against because I’m a woman. I don’t know why you’re discriminating against me.”

In the fifth phone call, Maria O’Donnell says she is going to “subpoena” street cameras to find out who removed her signs. She said, “Actually this is going to be very beneficial for us. This will be fun.”

When told the public works department is unavailable, O’Donnell says, “I’m sure they’re all having a party.”


REDBROWARD has been on the receiving end of a few Maria O’Donnell rants. She took exception when we exposed her “fake news” about a non-existent sober home in Lighthouse Point.

Last month REDBROWARD reported Maria O’Donnell failed to submit the signatures of ten Lighthouse Points voters need to qualify for the mayor’s race. Under city code Sec. 22-2(a), “A candidate for city office shall announce their candidacy by filing with the city clerk the notice of candidacy form, the petition of candidacy supported by the signatures of ten registered voters and qualified electors of the city….” Instead of getting extra signatures, O’Donnell submitted just ten names.

The second signature on Maria O’Donnell’s petition is her neighbor, Fannie Currie. A search of local, State, private and public voter registration databases by REDBROWARD failed to locate any Lighthouse Point voter by that name.  A search of previous names Ms. Currie went by came up empty as well.

Lighthouse Point officials stated a Broward judge must determine whether Maria O’Donnell should remain on the March ballot.

Shortly after REDBROWARD posted the story, Maria O’Donnell went on an unhinged tirade similar to last week’s attacks on the Lighthouse Point Police. O’Donnell began an eight hour rant about the report.


O’Donnell and her husband started to add their commentaries to the REDBROWARD story. Brendan O’Donnell said his wife “personally” asked the ten people if they were registered voters. When asked if she did more to verify their information, Mr. O’Donnell wrote, “Are you seriously saying she should distrust her neighbor when she confirmed her voters status when pointedly asked???”

Minutes later, Maria O’Donnell attempted to use the same excuse.

Maria O’Donnell wrote, “I take great offense that the incumbent or anyone would ask I distrust my neighbor when I pointedly asked her if she was a registered voter and she was emphatic she was. You and the incumbent suggest we don’t trust our neighbors of Lighthouse Point? This issue is closed.”

After being asked why she did not take even basic steps to verify the information, O’Donnell wrote, “You are engaging in libel. I don’t appreciate that. I followed all the rules and respected them. I asked my neighbor pointedly if she was a registered voter, are you suggesting my incumbent asked for voter ID cards for his signatories?”

O’Donnell repeatedly referred to checking voter ID cards or “deeds.” She seems unaware that most of the voter information can be verified online, for free.

Instead of answering questions about her actions, Maria O’Donnell decided to launch personal attacks.

“You are quite skewed in your dislike for me, and it is tainting your ability to report the news unbiased,” she said. “Clearly that’s why you work for an internet local media outlet, if it even rises that that.”

Just after 6:30pm, O’Donnell claimed her rant was over. She said, “Your attacks are clearly fueled by your bias views and no facts therefore this discussion is now pointless. I won’t respond again. Re read my comments. Good day.”

Instead, O’Donnell continued her diatribe via Facebook messages to this reporter’s personal account.

O’Donnell claimed REDBROWARD had joined forces with her enemies in an attempt to keep her from winning.

She claimed she followed the law even though she had not submitted valid names. “All my signatories read the paper and affirmed their status and my cell records show I called them all in a row to reaffirm before filing so don’t knock me for my due diligence as if I sat on the corner asking for names….”

O’Donnell wrote, “Why are you so against me as mayor??? I am an American success story. I am running to donate my time to this town, why are you doing this?”

An hour into her Facebook rant, O’Donnell attempted keep her comments private. “Oh and you don’t have my permission to use any of my texts for your harassment column.”

This reporter stated we were on the record. At no time did she ask to go off the record.

Then, O’Donnell tried to imply she was an impostor pretending to be the candidate!

O’Donnell wrote, “I have a friend who sues reporters for this very thing. Always verify your source Tom.”

The exchange lasted from 2:00pm to almost 11:00 pm.

Maria O’Donnell continues to tout her “legal expertise” but REDBROWARD has now documented two cases where it appears she failed to do basic fact checking. Even more troubling, O’Donnell appears to have a habit of attacking those who dare to question her facts.

You can listen to all 5 telephone calls below.

15 thoughts on “Unhinged Part 2: Lighthouse Point Candidate Maria O’Donnell Says Sexism Behind Sign Removal

  1. Raph

    It must be very exhausting for Maria to constantly play the alleged victim. Those of us who have had the opportunity to meet her can assure you she is no victim and can be quite aggressive to anyone who may disagree with her. Obviously, it is only a matter of time before she starts ranting about voter fraud in Lighthouse Point and I am sure she will claim Dr Brenda Snipes office is bought and paid for by her opponent as well when she loses this race. This lady has more than one screw loose and has become quite an embarrassment to our wonderful little city.


  2. Brie

    The woman from the PD who had to talk her off the ledge should be Mayor when Glenn Troast retires. In all seriousness, I’ve rarely -if ever -heard a parent speak so viciously to a child. And over a yard sign?! I feel very sad for her family & will keep her kids in my thoughts.


  3. Yu Krazy

    I can’t believe this woman is running from public office. This is an embarrassment to the town of Lighthouse Point. Thank god I don’t live there, because Maria Yu Krazy!!!


  4. Kate

    The way she spoke to that dispatcher with her caustic tongue was beyond abusive and disgusting . Maria always boasts that she is a success story — NOT in my book ! She presents herself as an extremely irate woman who will try and bulldoze over anyone/anytime if they dare disagree with her.


  5. Jack

    This woman is obviously a psychopath. Most of the attorneys who have worked for her quit after a few months (embarrassed to put her name on their resumes), and I’ve heard stories that attorneys would cry every time the phone rang because of how badly her irrational screaming could get. Looks like a pattern of behavior…

    I also heard that her billion dollar client stopped taking her calls and instructed their new attorneys to just get her files from her and save themselves the embarrassment of dealing with her directly. It’s no wonder this woman has been sued and all her clients left.


  6. Matthew

    So the woman who wants to be the mayor has to ASK what the “governing body” of the police department is? Doesn’t know what the city right-of-way is? Why am I not surprised that she has no clue as to what is the basic chain of command or what land is private and what belongs to the city? Maria, I am sure your 4 donors are less than thrilled with your ranting, raving, diversionary tactics and general complete and utter cluelessness. If I were you I’d site PTSD from your sign trauma and drop out of the race. Save yourself and your family from further embarrassment and call it a day. It’s not funny anymore.


  7. Maria O'Donnell

    Give it up Redbroward. Your .05 percent of people who read this and actually comment are not our concern. The truth however is. Is this yet another tactic from the Troast camp to try and win this election? Oh yes remember the article that clearly shows you’re a hired bully for campaigns.
    (EDITOR’S NOTE: Hyperlinks not allowed)
    But Tom I am glad you got these phone calls. But you selectively edit them and fail to include the previous calls to the night before which are referenced in these calls.. you leave them out because I reported signs stolen and then the LHP government picked up 14 (more) of my signs the next day for no valid reason via a mandate from Troast or Lavinsly per Public Works director, why don’t you call him and record that Redbroward? Don’t you ever attack my children or my parenting, there was a huge spill during this call in my home and I have a two story house, trying to communicate upstairs and dealing with this nonsense downstairs at the same time, and who are you to judge anyone. Call the head of public works, but you won’t because you only twist the news. Public works verified who mandated the taking of the signs, it was “higher ups” either Glenn Troast or John Lavinsly, who mandated a sign pull the night before 14 of my signs were conveniently found in a ravine, just as I reported on my page…So thank you for showing the recordings. Show them all the next time along with a recording of your phone call with Public Works director and report the entire story. You and your five haters don’t intimidate me, I’ve got the facts on my side. You report your twisted version and the 99 percent of this town sees it. Thank you, this is similar to when the mayor sent out the email blast via police that there were no Sober Homes in town before Keepers Day weekend. Maybe I am disgusted at the city’s behavior, who wouldn’t be at this point? But once again you backfire with your nasty campaign tactics. Have a super night, you and your made up followers don’t bother me one bit, but I did have to share the truth. Someone has to.


    1. Marky Mark

      You need serious help . You are an enigma to your town , neighborhood and your school . You drive around town with the word Octopussy on your car for Christ sake ! Your phone call recordings display horrible entitlement issues . How do you even go out in public after all of this . Your few friends are there for the booze and boat. You’re a horrible example of an adult let alone someone seeking public office .


  8. Spicey

    Holy shit Maria, get help. I really thought once your firm went under you might have calmed down.

    I had a fucking flashback listening to this… Poor fucking Annabell and Bubba.

    Edited? This is how you scream at everyone. Everyone… Even your kids. And you’ve been like this for years now.

    I hope you get better. I hope you get whatever it is you need.


  9. Matthew

    Maria no matter what you might think, voters don’t care about your signs. OR Glenn’s for that matter. We care that you would use up the city’s valuable resources complaining about them instead of letting the PD worry about more important things. Is THAT your idea of our tax money well spent? And please don’t feed me some horse crap about defacing your property because those signs are ugly litter throughout the city that MOST RESIDENTS HATE.

    We care that you are seriously lacking when it comes to knowledge of city operations. If you can’t keep your cool if something spills in your house what are you going to do when some angry resident shows up at a commission meeting hollering at you about one thing or another? You lack the disposition to govern and you might have been an awesome lawyer but you need to know something- you had the opportunity throughout this campaign to prove yourself and earn votes. Instead you have zero support on the commission, and I am pretty sure that every city employee would resign if you are the mayor.

    You can choose to deflect and trash this blog, blame it on Troast (how exactly is he supposed to control the actions of adults who are increasingly fed up with your amateur act?) or whatever your diversionary tactic du jour is but this is a small town. We all talk. On the ball field, in the car line at school, at Whole Foods….

    Simply put, you have done NOTHING to earn anyone’s vote. Zip. Nada. My prayers are with your children. We will be done with you on March 14 but they are stuck with you for life. Please get professional help for their sake, I implore you.


      1. Tiny Timb

        It’s obviously not Brendan, it’s Maria posing as him. I’d bet money on it. I met them several times years agi at the yacht club, and honestly, they’re both incredibly bright people with great senses of humor. It’s ironic that she’d have an issue with sober houses because she’s known as a sloppy lush. She does play the victim quite a bit, and as you can see here, will argue to the death over the most insignificant things, rather than admit she’s wrong. People inevitably cave in and give her what she wants instead of dealing with her. This is sad. Maria, you clearly need help, and if you’re not going to do it for yourself, do it for your children. This is not the behavior of a mayor. You are fooling no one with your baseless claims of discrimination. Admit you’re wrong like a god damn adult. I can’t imagine hiring an attorney whose writing is reminiscent of a middle schooler’s, I hope you have a decent paralegal to proofread and edit.


  10. Pingback: Maria O’Donnell Called Lighthouse Point Police To Report Mom & Kids Putting Up Opponent’s Signs – @REDBROWARD

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