Maria O’Donnell Sics Police On Lighthouse Point Resident Following Online Debate

Despite tons of bad press, it appears Lighthouse Point mayoral candidate Maria Corvaia O’Donnell is still using the police to setlle political scores with opposing voices. On Monday evening, Lighthouse Point Police responded to a local residence after O’Donnell had a heated debate on the “Nextdoor” app. According to its website, “Nextdoor is the best way to stay in the know about what’s going on in your neighborhood—whether it’s finding a last-minute babysitter, learning about an upcoming block party, or hearing about a rash of car break-ins.” In the case of Lighthouse Point, Maria O’Donnell has used the app to debate fellow resident Matthew Bodell.

On February 12th, Maria O’Donnell’s official Facebook campaign page posted screenshots of Matthew Bodell’s Nextdoor posts. Bodell lives in home O’Donnell targeted as an undesirable sober home. Bodell posted, “We are the most [quiet] and polite neighbors and I get the police sent to my house for no reason.” Bodell stated his home was not a problem even though Maria O’Donnell tried to use the sober home as a campaign issue. “We all have jobs…and we all have 401k’s,” Bodell said. “Before you go judging us because of what you heard or may have experienced in the past…please come get to know us.”

On Monday, March 6th Bodell made another Nextdoor post. He wrote, “[Maria O’Donnell] managed to get the owners attention and our house is getting shut down. It was nice living here while it last[ed].”

One resident expressed her sympathy. She wrote, “I’m very sorry to hear that. I wish you all continued strength and success with your recovery.”

But not Maria O’Donnell. She shifted the blame to her opponent.

O’Donnell wrote, “Matthew I simply wanted LHP police and Mayor Troast to be candid with LHP residents. I never was out to hurt anyone, that’s never my intention, but the residents have a right to the truth.”

On her Facebook page, Maria Corvaia O’Donnell played the victim.

It appears the Sober Home is being closed on 46th Street in LHP and the Sober Home residents blame me for that. One Sober Home resident wrote messages on “Nextdoor” and is now cursing at me on private message about it. Did I not state I wanted to regulate Sober Homes for the benefit of everyone? Residents included? LHP safety is first, and with eleven arrests in Deerfield in the last six months we must pay attention.

O’Donnell included screenshots of Matthew Bodell’s private message.

You know you don’t know what you’re talking about right and you just keep repeating yourself right? You sound like a fucking idiot, just quit now because youre not going to win Mayor.

Maria O’Donnell would later remove the Facebook page.

Sometime between 9pm and 10:15pm last night, Lighthouse Point Police received a call about Bodell’s “threatening” Nextdoor posts. Police responded to his residence. Since he was not at home, a roommate called Bodell at work.

REDBROWARD spoke to Bodell about the incident.

Bodell stated he had numerous “back and forths” with O’Donnell on the Nextdoor. He said O’Donnell always initiated the contact. “Maria O’Donnell is the only person that ever caused us problems,” Bodell said.

Bodell said O’Donnell kept stating he was “threatening my family.” O’Donnell has used similar phrases in her recorded conversations with police dispatchers and with REDBROWARD.

Bodell said he explained the situation to the police officer over the phone. He said he’s working seven days a week to pay for the unexpected change in his housing. Bodell said he’s heard from many residents who stated they have no problem with him or his roommates.

Nothing in Bodell’s message seems to threaten O’ Donnell or her family. Is this just another case of O’Donnell using police to fix her political problems? On President’s Day, O’Donnell called the police to report a mom and her kids delivering Glenn Troast signs in a golf cart. Maria O’Donnell made repeated calls to the police about her missing signs, but a police investigation revealed her husband, Brendan O’Donnell was removing Troast signs.



Maria O’Donnell Repeatedly Called Lighthouse Point Police About Campaign Signs

It’s becoming clear Maria Corvaia O’Donnell knows no boundaries in her unhinged campaign for Lighthouse Point mayor. REDBROWARD has documented her lengthy online rants against this website and anyone on social media who dares questions her ballot qualification issue, her non-fact based crusade against a non-existent sober home, her “legal expertise” and her placement of campaign signs.

In today’s episode of “What Did Maria Corvaia O’Donnell Say Now?!?” we bring you three phone calls to Lighthouse Point Police complaining about missing signs and the placement of Glenn Troast signs.



Unhinged 3: Maria O’Donnell Issued Veiled Threat To Lighthouse Point Police Chief Over “Damages” From Sober Home Statement

On February 10, 2017 Lighthouse Point Mayoral candidate Maria Corvaia O’Donnell issued a veiled threat to a police dispatcher over “damages” caused by a statement about sober homes. At 4:32pm on a Friday afternoon, O’Donnell called the Lighthouse Point Police Department. “This is attorney Maria O’Donnell and I’d like to speak with the chief of police, please,” she said.

Fifteen minutes later, the dispatcher told Maria O’Donnell that Chief Russ Licata was “very busy” and he would call her back. At this point, O’Donnell begins making demands.

“This conversation, if it doesn’t happen now, could cause me damages. He put a blast out to the public that I believe is inaccurate,” O’Donnell said.

O’Donnell is referring to a statement by the Chief regarding O’Donnell’s wildly inaccurate claims about sober homes.

Maria O’Donnell was upset her campaign issue was undermined in a message sent to residents. She said, “I believe it’s detrimental to my mayoral campaign and I want it amended immediately!”

O’Donnell began to use legal buzzwords signaling a possible lawsuit. “If he doesn’t want to address it at this time I just want to let him know that it’s damaging…damaging to my political campaign,” she continued.

“The only time this could be remedied would be now. The kind of remedy if this is indeed inaccurate, and by inaccurate I mean not factually true, the time to remedy is now,” she said.

O’Donnell demanded Chief Licata issue another statement. She said, “A blast must go out and it must state the truth of the facts!”

Minutes later, O’Donnell calls back to complain the Chief has failed to call her. The dispatcher reminds her it’s been less than ten minutes since her last call. “I still haven’t heard anything…obviously I’m getting ready for Keepers Day,” she said.

Then, O’Donnell quizzes the dispatcher. She said, “Are you aware of the sober home on 46th Street?” The dispatcher tries to explain he just answers the phone. “That wasn’t the question,” she barked. “Are you aware of sober home on 46th Street?”

The dispatcher says he is not aware of any facts related to sober homes.

Will Maria O’Donnell treat police employees like this if she’s elected mayor?

Why is she bothering the Police Chief with her political problems?

Who is she to demand anything from any city employee?

Why is she repeatedly tying up police telephone lines with her campaign silliness?

Lighthouse Point voters deserve answers before the March 14th election.

You can listen to the full call below: