Maria O’Donnell Repeatedly Called Lighthouse Point Police About Campaign Signs

It’s becoming clear Maria Corvaia O’Donnell knows no boundaries in her unhinged campaign for Lighthouse Point mayor. REDBROWARD has documented her lengthy online rants against this website and anyone on social media who dares questions her ballot qualification issue, her non-fact based crusade against a non-existent sober home, her “legal expertise” and her placement of campaign signs.

In today’s episode of “What Did Maria Corvaia O’Donnell Say Now?!?” we bring you three phone calls to Lighthouse Point Police complaining about missing signs and the placement of Glenn Troast signs.



10 thoughts on “Maria O’Donnell Repeatedly Called Lighthouse Point Police About Campaign Signs

  1. Kim k

    Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier !! Maria , please stay on the canvas honey . You keep getting up punch drunk and spewing more verbal diareah on all of us . Please pack up the dog and pony show and hit the jersey shore . Snooky is waiting for you and her and The “Situation” are gonna help you regroup .



  2. Jamie

    As a resident of LHP, it infuriates me that she is forcing the police to waste countless hours of time on this petty nonsense. They have far more important things to do in our city. Maria is the definition of a self-entitled NARCISSIST. I am afraid for her family on the day she loses this election. She needs to move out of our peaceful city and into a psych ward..


  3. Marla Mischief

    It is completely beyond her realm of thought that her behavior has caused the very small contingent of supporters to retreat rather swiftly. What a bizarre reality these people live in. Sad.


  4. Gordon

    Brendan, I feel horrible for you. Deep down you are good guy with a good heart. I think its been so long that you don’t know any better. Do you know how people are going to look at you at the fields? Do you know how many families are going to request to play for another team or not play at all?! Maybe play in Pompano, etc? Have you noticed this at the basketball games? Parents don’t even come anymore,,, they drop off and bolt or watch from the parking lot. Dude, please have a talk with her. Its getting to the point that you need to pack up, sell the house and move somewhere else. It will help the marriage, the kids and your overall life. When are you going to see this?! How many more people need to tell you? Trust me my man……


  5. Truth

    The owner of this skewed blog has fake comments from fake people and refuses to allow ANY comments from Maria’s supporters!!!! Let’s try this AGAIN….Maria we love you and your success is bound to bring the crazies out let them live their miserable lives we are here for you.



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